Device - getCreateTime() and getLastUpdateTime()?

Is there a way to get a device's "Create Time" and "Last Update Time" in code?

Thanks !!

I don't see create time, but looks like there is a "to be documented" getLastActivity() method on Device object.

Yes. Saw that one. I am creating an app to report on my devices. One of my processes is to sync as much information as possible about the device into an external database through a REST API. I see the create time and update time listed on the device page (see image below), so it is there in the system. Wondering how I can get that in my code.


Yeah. It doesn't look like it is currently exposed anywhere (at least no documented), but I think it would be a good thing to request be added to the Maker API.
The "date" from MakerAPI appears to be the last activity date.

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Those fields are not exposed in the API, correct.