Device Firmware Updater missing "Update Z-wave Firmware" button

Hi there,

Downloaded the Inovelli Firmware from their site and uploaded it to the hub via the Device Firmware Update App. Expecting to see "Update Z-wave Firmware" menu option (see #5 in Device Firmware Updater - Hubitat Documentation) but option does not exist.

Prior, was using Device Update Firmware user app successfully from bryancopeland but have uninstalled it in favor of the built-in app.

Am I doing something wrong?

The built-in app only works on C7 hubs.

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Excuse my french but why in the hell can you install on C-5 if it cannot be used!

Try these steps instead... I originally documented these steps because the built-in updater can't do S2 devices, but now I use this method for all my ZW updates.

I know it looks laborious at first blush, but once you get the first one under your belt, subsequent updates are easier/faster. This method has yet to fail me.