Device Firmware Updater - ERROR: The transferred image does not match the Firmware Target

I'm on the latest Hubitat OS and a C7 hub.

I'm attempting to update a Zen17 relay with S2 security enabled. The Device Firmware Updater app keeps failing with the following error:

Device Firmware Updater: ERROR: The transferred image does not match the Firmware Target

From what I've read on the forums, devices with security enabled should work. I know one workaround would be to re-include without security to perform an update. Are there any other workarounds for this issue? Is this generally an issue with Zooz devices or all devices with security enabled?

It's likely the S2. As I understand it, there shouldn't be an issue with updating when on S2, but I don't think anyone here has ever successfully done it.

It would be a nice thing to solve -- it's the main reason I don't put any ZW stuff on S2.

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Its some sort of issue with the firmware updater app and devices paired with S2. I have documented it extensively in the beta group. No idea if it will ever be fixed. The custom driver version works but you need to have an URL to the file or save it on the hub. There are some tips near the bottom of the thread. [RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

You will also need to use the BINARY version of the updater (not linked on main post): hubitat/zwaveBinaryUpdater.groovy at master · djdizzyd/hubitat · GitHub

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Jeff, I'm an idiot on this kind of stuff -- can you please give a quick ELI5 or for-example of when the binary version of Brian's updater is necessary versus the other regular version? Thanks!

ETA - I found everything I need and got it updated. Sometime soon, I'll try to make a comprehensive post about the Leviton update process from start-to-finish -- there was a lot of 1-step-forward-two-steps-back until I finally got it all sorted!

It just comes down to the file type. The OTZ files can be used on the original updater. I think there is one other type but I don't remember what it is. The GBL and HEX files require the binary updater. I think 700 series devices all use GBL files now for updates. I believe you can also use any file type with the binary version but Brian stated somewhere it is not as "safe" if you happen to use an incorrect file.

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