Device failed and trouble reinstating it

I noticed one of my Zooz ZSE11 sensors stopped responding. Since it was on USB power I tried to repair it and the repair failed and the device changed to a pending status. I then tried to reset it by first excluding it. I put the hub in exclusion mode and pressed the button 3 times on the device and got the hub message unknown device excluded. I then factory reset the device and when I included it back the hub added a new device. I checked device details and the old device (2D) was stil listed PENDING. Remove would not remove it. I unpowered the device and it still would not remove. I updated the hub software last night to and now device (2D) is listed ok with a discover button next to it. I donโ€™t want to do any more damage to my Z-wave network and am at a loss on how to proceed. The device is still unpowered and I am waiting for advice before moving forward. The first image shows old device entry and the second shows new device (50)



Your pictures are not showing on my end. I would exclude the device again and then try and deal with the ghost from the previous exclude.

I can exclude the device again. On the old device entry is a discover button. Does anyone know how that works so I can relate the ghost entry back to a real device, here are the pictures again:

Yes, I would remove the device again (50) so there is no confusion. Remove the power from the device after that, then power down your HE. leave it for 5 mins or so then power back up. Device 2D may have a new button "remove" if your lucky.

The remove did not appear. So I tried repair and it changed status from OK to PENDING and then the remove option was there. Pressing remove does not remove the item it just redisplays the Z-wave details.

looks like you might have a ghost device at 0x4B that needs to be removed

Good eye @672southmain.
@jcoverton if you can't get them to remove you may have to invest in a zwave stick and remove them with PC Controller. There is a really good write up here in the forums. Also there are some good tips to try without it first.

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