Device Discovery - No Lan device option

When I try to discover new devices, the only options I get are Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Iris. What happened to LAN devices? Thanks.

It might help to say what ones. But far as I know, that LAN button basically didn't ever do anything.

The way to add most of these type devices is to go to the Devices tab, click the Add a Virtual Device button, name the device and so on, pick the correct driver (device type) and Save. From there it should allow you to fill in any info like IP addresses or whatever else might be relevant.

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It's been a while since I added any LAN devices. Now that you responded, I remembered that LAN discovery really never did anything. I was adding a KASA plug and realized I could/should do it through the APP. Thanks for your help!

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LAN devices that can be integrated with Hubitat have to be integrated using an app. There is no way to connect them directly. See if you already have an appropriate app for the device. Then check to see if there is a built-in app. If not, then check Hubitat Package Manager to see if there is an appropriate app.

As was said earlier, the LAN device button only reminded you that you had to find a suitable app to integrate the device.

Unless your desired LAN device communicates using http, websockets or mqtt (or plain unencrypted sockets) you're out of luck anyhow. HE does not provide an encrypted socket for use by apps or drivers. Hopefully one day, but not today.

Ha, I noticed that also. LAN still shows on my C4, but not my C7 or C5. Never used anything but zigbee z-wave

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This isn't necessarily true; it depends on the device in question and how its integration (and communication) work. Many LAN devices can be added simply by creating a "virtual" device with the correct device settings, as @neonturbo noted above. Others do indeed require an app or at least may provide one in order to help you create the devices more easily--again, all depending on the integration in question.


Thanks for the clarification.

I went through the supported devices list and nearly all the LAN devices supported require some type of integration app. Many of them are built-in.

I did find that the Nanoleaf light panels require the virtual switch you referenced. There may be others.

It looks like there are device drivers for Shelly devices that allow the IP address to be entered. There may be others.

Hi. First post here.
Just finished launching the system and adding up some devices,

In the first times I clocked Device Discovery, i had a big list (Zigbee, Z-wave, Iris V1 Zigbee, Lan Devices, Cloud Devices, Etc etc..) like your post Rxich. But after some fiddling around I can't see the majority of these... I only see the first three.

Any guesses?

Thanks in advance!

What device are you trying to add? Some need an app, others can just be added as "virtual" devices with specific configuration.


My guess is that you upgraded the hub’s firmware version, as the latest version has greatly simplified the list for device discovery.


Yes, true :slight_smile: