Device battery and device present status app

Hi, would consider a built in app to monitor battery levels and offline / online status for all sensors?
I think these are so basic they should come built-in.

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Hubitat Safety Monitor includes custom monitoring rules. I have one set up to monitor all of my battery levels and notify me if any goes under 25%. Use the "Custom" button to set it up.

The built in app "Notifications" can also be used to set up battery notifications.

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I agree it would be nice to have this built in, so would support this as a feature request.

While we wait... Aside from @jabecker 's suggestion, if you haven't found it already, you may be interested in the Community-based Device Watchdog app by Bryan.

Alternatively, you could include battery-based devices in a dashboard to monitor them manually / visually.

A third option (I am assuming) is to setup rules to warn you when battery levels drop below a threshold.


I have tried device watchdog but didnt like it, so Ive solved both with webcore.
Both device watchdog and webcore require maintenance, that’s why i think it should be a zero touch feature in hubitat.

I want to automate stuff in my house but don’t want to constantly fiddle with hubitat...

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