Device attribute different between 2 meshed hubs - why?

I installed a new Zigbee valve control and linked it to the closer hub. the attributes in the device are both Switch and Valve. I linked this device via hub Mesh to my main hub in a different location which control the whole house hubs (Total of 3 hubs). so far so good but when I looked at the main hub Zigbee valve device screen - I see single attribute - switch only but not valve.
Any idea why? see below both device view from the 2 different hubs.

Maybe try a "Sync Now" on the Hub Mesh page on both hubs? Can't hurt, might help.


Thanks, tried that multiple times but it did not help.

Guessing here, but did you cycle the valve to generate an event after meshing the switch? I have seen with things like switches on dashboards that you get odd or no results until you cycle the switch. Maybe this is similar?