Device Arrived with someone else’s Admin Credentials, How to factory Reset?


I bought a used hubitat hub from amazon. The admin credentials from the previous owner is linked to the hub. I've created my own Hubitat account and performed a soft reset. After the reset, the account is still linked to the hub, and there are no options to transfer switch out admin accounts on my newly created hubitat account.

How do I delete the old admin account from the hub, and link the hub to my new hubitat account?

Thanks for your assistance

Try sending @bobbyD a PM with your account email and your hub's MAC address.


Thanks very much. I checked out his page, and saw that he's been referring folks to @support_team. I'm going to try them as well. Thanks again for your quick response.


BobbyD IS (part of) the support team. So tagging him is sufficient.

Apparently Amazon has been sending used hubs instead of new. They are mixing inventory.

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Hmmm must be all a huge mistake, Amazon would never willingly mislead customers. :wink:

Did someone from support get you taken care of? Do you still need assistance?

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I have been banned from leaving reviews on Amazon. Apparently they think I am being compensated for my positive reviews. All my reviews since 1999 have been deleted.

When I buy a product, and it exceeds my expectations, I leave a glowing review. I don’t care about leaving reviews, but being labeled as a fraud offends me.

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I had a slight follow up where a rep asked for my mac address, but that was it. luckily i already ordered a new hubitat hub. i'll be returning the original hub that is linked to someone else's account. Amazon doesn't know that it's difficult to reset the hubs, so virtually all of the "used" hubs will end up being returned if people cannot reset the linked accounts more easily/reliably.

Thanks for asking =]

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