Determine which device logged a warning

This is getting logged about once a second:

dev:942021-06-01 12:21:45.767 pm infoParse event of type: temps

dev:942021-06-01 12:21:44.308 pm [warn]
(http://hubitat/device/edit/94)No handler for incoming event type 'chemController'

I think the dev:94 tells me which device is issuing this warning. How do I tell which one? The DINs look to be hex with many digits.

If you click on the DEV:94 then look up at the top of the log it will highlight the device reporting that item.


The dev: 94 is a link, click on it and it will show/highlight the device name up at the top of the log.

Edit: @terminal3 types a little faster than I do :sunglasses:


Well actually I had a head start. My browser shows if someone is replying to a post. I saw when you started replying but I had just completed my post was hitting enter.

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To add to the above, another trick I learned a while back is that if you click the log level (the "info," "warn," "trace," "error," or whatever box), it will link you directly to the device page.




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