Detecting wet bed sheets?

Detecting wet bed sheets? Let me explain the situation, my spouse often wakes up in the night all sweaty and forces us to change the sheets in the middle of the night because they are all wet. The doctors can't do anything about her situation. So I was wondering if there was a way to detect the temperature/moisture level of the sheets. That way I could automatically start the ceiling fan to help manage his body temperature?

I would start with a small temp / humidity sensor placed at the head and/or foot of the bed and see what it reads over night. Hopefully it will give you a trigger number to turn on a fan.

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My leak sensors (Aeon Labs, and Aqara) are triggered by a damp cloth. The Aqara leak sensors can be easily modified with a leak sensing cable. So you can put the sensor on the bed frame, and snake the cable under the sheets. If moisture is detected, an automation can be triggered to turn on a fan, or reduce the bedroom temperature.

Also, have you considered something like this:

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Yes, it's one of the options I retained so far.

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