Detecting the open or close state of a motorized ball valve

I am using motorized ball valves with CR5-02 wiring (5 wires) that allows the detection of the open or closed state of the valve. The valve I am using is []. Here is a picture of the wiring diagram
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8.47.07 PM

Opening and closing the valve is easy but I don't know what device I can use to detect that connection between white and yellow or white and blue has happened.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Z-Wave Zen 52.
Wi-Fi Shelly Uni.

You can use a Fibaro Smart Implant. I have a few and they have 2 analogue, 2 contacts and 6 temp inputs.

Those are the type of devices I was thinking of but am not sure how to wire it and then detect the one of the two circuits has been closed.

Just connect ground and either open or close from your valve to the gorund wire and input1 or input 2 of the Implant. Once you install the device with the proper driver you will see actions like Open and Closed as choices for your code be it RM or WebCore. This device does need an external power supply though.

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Depending on what power you have available a Zen 17 might be the easiest.
You can use it to control the valve and read the outputs of the open/close switches.

It is all running either 12v or 24v.

It is all running 12v or 24v

Follow the appropriate diagram to wire the Universal Relay according to your application. If you don't see a diagram describing your set-up, please contact us to request help with the installation.
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Sounds like the 12-24V Zen17 would work great for you.
Two isolated inputs to monitor the state of your valve.
And two outputs, one to control the valve and one for future consideration.
Maybe a heater or light. :man_shrugging:

I have a Zen16. Would that work as well?

I have a Zen16. Could that work as well?

Should work, Zen16 is 12-24V and has 3 sets of in/out.
You'd still have 2 for monitoring position but only 1 for control.

I have the control part working fine. What stumps me is wiring the monitoring. The specs say that they are all dry contact but with no voltage how do you know if the switch is open or closed. Plus I'm not seeing anything in the device that shows if the switch is open or closed. I must be missing something. Maybe when the Zen17 comes in it will be clearer.

Thank you for your help.

I have been able to make it work with the Zen17 but in my situation am not able to efficiently use the device since I need too many inputs and it winds up leaving many relays unused. What I'm really looking for is a device that just have inputs that can detect that a circuit is open or closed and better yet measure the voltage. It feels like I'm searching for the holy grail.

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