Detecting car presence when Arriving to my garage door?

Running HE hub C7 with latest firmware , and OpenMesh Wifi network with OpenMesh G200 router and access points that are 2.4/5Ghz.

Wondering what are my options to detect the car (BMW yr 2016) presence once it arrives to the garage door using HE?

Currently, I am using the driver's iPhone to trigger automation (i.e. open garage door and lights) within HomeKit and using Apple geofence. However, that is not effective as there are situations that this iPhone arrives home without the car such as while walking in the neighbourhood or driving a different car.

My thoughts are to either connect to the car head unit using bluetooth or using TCP/IP to connect to my Wifi network once the car arrives home (I prefer the later as it provides a longer range). Also, thinking to install OBD car adapter with option to connect the OBD device to my home Wifi than the car head unit as an alternative. In this case my automation will open the garage door only when both the iPhone and the car arrive to the garage door which provides better control using two factors.

Wondering if HE can connect to OpenMesh G200 router? Any HE apps that can help to detect IP/Mac addresses presence on my Wifi network? Appreciate Hubitat hints/tips/recommendations or suggestions from others with similar experience?

This works really well.


Sure are! Hubitat Presence Ping is one. iPhone wifi presence sensor is another (despite the name, not limited to iPhone). And Hubitat Ping will do it too. On the MAC side there are a couple of integrations for Unifi but none that I know of for OpenMesh wifi.

For obvious reasons you'd need to set a DHCP reservation for your car if using IP. And I would wonder about the time it takes your car to come into range and authenticate. Might only be after you've driven through the door.

Thanks for your post... I honestly never thought about using these with my car until you mentioned it. I don't have a garage but I'm sure I can find other uses for it.

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