Detecting and Reporting a Power Failure

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best hardware/software combination to detect and report a power failure while the power is still off?

My Hub, local network, and internet gateway are on a UPS but I would like to receive a notification when the power goes out.

The Zooz ZAC38 is one way: [DRIVER] Zooz ZAC38 Range Extender (and Power Outage Monitor)

There are also a couple other devices like this, one is a Ring Extender I think.

If you can get status info from your UPS, that is also another way to get the info.

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Best thing is to use your UPS. Do you have any always-on computers like a raspberry pi that could monitor the UPS? I use NUT on a pi then have NUT hit a web endpoint on a Rule Machine rule to give the notification.

I personally use a ring z-Wave range extender for the reporting. As for the software, I use [BETA]Power Outage Manager from @thebearmay, very nice app with some useful automations when power goes off and when it comes back on.

Third for Ring z-wave extender. It has a built in battery with attributes mains/battery to be used as triggers for automations.


My Ecolink Chime/Siren also does this but I use contact switches on the transfer switch of the standby generator. Plus, it has its own app that texts and emails.

Of course, all this only works when there is still internet access.

I have 3 of these. They are awesome. One on my house mains, one on my main server rack UPS, and one on my network UPS.

Hubitat, modem, router and a poe switch with two WAPs on it are on a final UPS. Once the main network UPS has depleted, the Hubitat UPS is all that's left online, integrated to Hubitat via NUT. It will then tell Hubitat to send out one last message letting me know all other batteries have depleted and then shutdown Hubitat safely. It will then keep only the modem and wifi on until as long as this final battery lasts, while everything else is long dead by this point.

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Ditto on Ring Range Extender. Just set up a Rule, and you're done.


Does it require any other Ring hardware to work?

Nope, the Z-wave model will pair directly to Hubitat. There is a bunch of the Z-wave ring hardware that is supported.