DETA Grid Connect Light & Power Outlets

Getting frustrated with HA and have been recommended Hubitat - I already have a large number of light switches, power outlets throughout the house. The question I have is are these compatible with Hubitat? Tuya Smart are listed in the compatible devices but not Deta specific - these are the type of Smart switches which are available from Bunnings

Thanks for your help.....!

Tuya is the firmware most of these Chinese devices run, I find the compatibility with tuya Zigbee to be excellent, but I haven’t played with tuya wifi gear (I just flashed it with Tasmota to be local only).

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I've had one in my bathroom for ages now but never bothered to flash it or integrate it (the 4-gang version of the one you posted I believe). I have watched one or two Youtube clips that run through the flashing process, but given I have one and have mostly smart bulbs tied to the switches, I haven't bothered. I believe there may be a version that can't be flashed, but don't quote me on that... Worth investigating that, if you are considering flashing the switches.


Just to clarify, I bought the tuya wifi blind controllers which didn’t work natively in Hubitat, most switch related devices do work without mods from what I’ve heard.

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