[Deprecated] Web Pinger

I already am logged into the hub in my browser; but when I access that URL I get redirected away anyway?

Do see how to go through login and get the cookie, anyway, but Firefox or Chrome should be handling that automatically once I'm logged in and it's not happening. Grrrr.

Nope, even with hub security and https-everywhere turned off I just get errors? (one line appears in the browser window, the word "error")

@dd-b Threw this together real quick, but might work for you:


cant open

I fat fingered the link, try it now.

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Ok, it works and it pings internal device. Now how do I use this in RM to cause a device to turn off.

And thanks for your assistance

Out of respect for bptWorld let’s move this conversation over to the new thread I created (I’ll send you the link) and I’ll ask @bobbyD if he’ll consider splitting off the last 4-5 posts here.

Wow, I was considering doing something like that as a test, but emotionally don't really believe in the ping capability in the hub since I haven't gotten it to work yet (yeah, emotional reactions aren't particularly reliable guides to reality!), so I hadn't done it yet, hadn't even started.

And now I don't have to. Thank you so much!

Not sure it's really wise to enable my lazy impulses too often, though :slight_smile:

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I installed this app - seems what I need but not getting expected results. check url and if fails turn a switch off. This works. When I turn the switch back on it never does it again. Is this a valid test? The url is not available for testing purposes. Seems to do a one and done.

Additionally, I'd like to be able to turn the switch back on after 5 minutes or so but I am trying to validate the first part.
thanks for any help.

Can someone take a look and see what I'm missing here. I have three pings set up.
1 - pings my router.
2 - pings google.com.
3 - pings
If I shut down the router, web pinger sees that none of the 3 are reachable and turns on the switches associated with each child, as I expected. If I leave the router running and pull the power on my cable modem, web pinger still thinks it can reach Google.com and, not what I expected.

Logs attached when modem was unplugged.

Child rules attached.

What am I not seeing here.


For some reason when I get a successful ping (timed or manual) my "on if ok" switch just gets toggled. Meaning one successful ping turns it on and the following one turns it off and so on.

I'm having an issue with the Auto-Reset Switches feature. It is runs every X seconds regardless of whether the Website is up or down. It should only run once and only after it has either turned On (or Off) the switch.
I am trying to power cycle my router using the ZigBee smart switch it is plugged into if your app detects that the internet is down. I have configured it to Turn Off my Router Switch if it the request to the site failed. I then want the Switch to turn back on 30 seconds later so I have the Auto-Reset function set to 30.

However what is happening is that the Auto-Reset function is running every 30 seconds all the time. If the Router is On, the Auto-Reset turns the Router Switch Off (not plugged into Router yet for testing). Then when the app next checks to see if it can reach the website and finds it, it turns the Router switch back on. Problem is 30 seconds later the Auto-Reset turns it back off.

I only want the app to turn Off the Switch if it cannot reach the website. I then want it to automatically turn it back On 30 seconds later. This would successfully reboot the router if the internet is down (ie Comcast modem routers suck and need to be manually power cycled).

I haven't tried the auto reset feature, but maybe as a work around use a virtual switch and when it turns off have it trigger another rule that power cycles your router.

That is what I do and it has been working for me for many months now.

As a work around, I just have a Basic Rule that when the Router Switch turns off, wait 30 seconds then turn it back On. Would prefer to have it all controlled in one app though.

Fair enough, I do several things as I use this to monitor the wireless connection to my shop, so along with a router I also power cycle a CPE device.

I also capture the up and down times so I can see exactly when and for how long it was down.

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To power cycle your modem, I recommend a smart-plug with AUTO-ON functionality. I have had very good success with this setup. It takes a little additional work to set the advanced setting (the auto-on function), but highly reliable as it doesn't depend on an external input. When you turn it off, it just turns back on after a pre-set delay.

Here's a detailed description with a sample plug that has this feature as an advanced setting (ZOOZ ZEN25 double plug).

Web Pinger is no more available , is it ? Is there any similar alternatives ?
Reading the thread , so many people found this useful. Sad that I can't find it any more in HPM. :frowning_face:

Right in the very first post... even has a link


Right in the very first post... even has a link

Searched "Web Pinger" in Hubitat Package Manager and that didn't return anything in the search result. I am not so familiar with getting the code from Github directly. But I will do more research on this. Anyways glad to hear the App is still available . Thanks much for your support on this.

This might help: https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=How_to_Install_Custom_Apps

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