[Deprecated] Web Pinger

I haven't tried the auto reset feature, but maybe as a work around use a virtual switch and when it turns off have it trigger another rule that power cycles your router.

That is what I do and it has been working for me for many months now.

As a work around, I just have a Basic Rule that when the Router Switch turns off, wait 30 seconds then turn it back On. Would prefer to have it all controlled in one app though.

Fair enough, I do several things as I use this to monitor the wireless connection to my shop, so along with a router I also power cycle a CPE device.

I also capture the up and down times so I can see exactly when and for how long it was down.

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To power cycle your modem, I recommend a smart-plug with AUTO-ON functionality. I have had very good success with this setup. It takes a little additional work to set the advanced setting (the auto-on function), but highly reliable as it doesn't depend on an external input. When you turn it off, it just turns back on after a pre-set delay.

Here's a detailed description with a sample plug that has this feature as an advanced setting (ZOOZ ZEN25 double plug).

Web Pinger is no more available , is it ? Is there any similar alternatives ?
Reading the thread , so many people found this useful. Sad that I can't find it any more in HPM. :frowning_face:

Right in the very first post... even has a link


Right in the very first post... even has a link

Searched "Web Pinger" in Hubitat Package Manager and that didn't return anything in the search result. I am not so familiar with getting the code from Github directly. But I will do more research on this. Anyways glad to hear the App is still available . Thanks much for your support on this.

This might help: https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=How_to_Install_Custom_Apps

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Adding direct GitHub link as this is no longer in the package installer


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