[DEPRECATED] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**

Are you asking for this to be added to a specific Helper?

If you are using Rule Machine, you can simply call the following existing Custom Actions for the thermostat device:


If the HVAC is off when fanOff() is called, fanOff() will set the fan to auto mode, but with a circulation time (fanMinOnTime) set to 0 (zero) - this is the (only) defined way to turn the thermostat completely off...

Yes, to Open Contacts & Switches Helper.

As noted in the Open Contacts & Switches Helper: Use the Quiet Time Helper for additional control options.

Hey. Not a biggie but FYI your github page anchors for “Start here for Hubitat installation instructions” and the SmartThings anchor link isn’t working/navigating to anchor point.

Separately, I’m trying to set up Smart Circulation and want to make a couple different versions (different circulation settings for Home and Sleep modes) but I’m unable to rename them. For example, I tried renaming the first instance “Smart Circulation Home” but it defaults back to “Smart Circulation.” Then I’d like to make a different one for “Smart Circulation Sleep.”

One more note: I didn’t see any support for Darksky.net Weather Driver via Smart Mode, Programs and Setpoint Helper. Is there any way to enable this as an option for those who don’t run a PWS?

Side note: are you in Tyngsboro, MA (noticed this on a Meteobridge driver screenshot) or was that another fellow Masshole?

Yup - just install one of the Weather Stations available for Hubitat: here's one for Dark Sky... [RELEASE] DarkSky.net Weather Driver, no PWS Required

Yes, I live in Tyngsboro, MA

Quick fix - pick a name that doesn't start with "Smart Circulation" - I'll fix it when I get back home this weekend...

Update: Found the weather drivers listed under Hubitat Sensors and not the Hubitat Weather-Based Station drop-down menu.

Btw, I’m out Concord. We’re almost neighbors. :smiley:

Just select the Hubitat Sensors for now - I will look at the selector when I get back home also.

Ecobee Suite Updated on 30 December 2019 at 3:30pm EST

Happy New Year!

I found the time over the holidays to clean up a lot of my backlog of issues, optimizations and enhancements. For this update, every single file has been modified, so please be sure to update everything!

Highlights include:

  • Significant cleanup of labeling for ALL Helper SmartApps, with fixes for the "label doesn't stick" issue recently reported on Hubitat.

  • Changed Ecobee Suite Manager to use HashMap for all working/state Map data on both platforms. Hubitat defaults its Maps to LazyMap, which is not optimal for the ES use case. This change fixes some issues, and speeds up the code a bit.

  • Added the HE importUrl definition for all the Helpers, even though I don't think Hubitat uses it. At least it's there in the code if you need it for a future import update on Hubitat.

  • Added more supported weather station devices to Smart Modes. These include:

    • Ambient Weather Device for Hubitat
    • DarkSky.net Weather Driver for Hubitat
    • Netatmo Outdoor Module for both SmartThings and Hubitat
  • Miscellaneous performance optimizations for both Ecobee Suite Thermostat and Ecobee Suite Sensor devices, including ornamentation for all the command parameters on Hubitat.

This update is recommended for EVERYONE!

And please be sure to update all 12 Helpers and both device Drivers/DTHs


Thanks for this update. Since I am in "change freeze" I will have to wait until the weekend to do this update.


Just found and installed this - very excited to try out all of the features, and I'm extremely impressed with your thoroughness and detail! I do have one question/request for you. A big reason for my search for a better Ecobee driver - which led me to your Suite - is that Ecobee's Frost Control humidifier setting is very poor. Specifically, you can't set an independent humidify-to setpoint, and the automatic functionality results in poor control for frost.

Have you considered a "Frost Control Helper"? It should ideally have various humidify-to settings that map to forecasted outdoor temperatures, with adjustable "lead" time. An example is here, but would ideally be customizable. Thanks a ton!

BTW, just digging a bit myself, Ecobee has a few days' worth of forecasting data. The Frost Control Helper (or Humidity Helper) doesn't need to be complex as an algorithm, at least to start - just take the minimum forecast temp for the next [d] days and apply the appropriate mapped humidity setting. Not sure what the ecobee app capabilities are fully, yet, but you could let users choose humidity levels for temperature ranges.

Now that I mention that, though, not sure how it'd play with dehumidification. Maybe the whole thing only applies below a certain temperature.

Thanks for the suggestion - it seems to be popping up several times lately.

A few comments, though:

  • The Ecobee weather data is notoriously bad - often is based off of weather observations 10s of miles from your home. So, if I undertake this I will offer some choices, as I do for the Smart Mode helper.

  • The problem with the fixed scale is that it doesn't allow you to compensate for your particular windows' efficiency. I'll have to include a means to adjust that somehow.

  • Aiming for the lowest forecasted temp in the next "n" days will always result in things being too dry for those days it isn't that low. With the weather swings many of us are experiencing, it is probably better if I use a "moving average" over a configurable number of days, so that people can choose.

  • Fortunately, the humiditySetpoint and dehumiditySetpoint are separately configured, so I don't have to worry about dehumidification (to start, anyway).

Not sure if/when I will get around to this, but thanks for initiating the discussion. And FWIW, I find that Frost Control works pretty well, except that my humidification devices can't keep ahead of it :slight_smile: .

You freeze code at home!?!?!?!?

Yep during the Christmas and New Years holiday we have family and friends visiting and my wife doesn't want me to do anything "foolish" with home automation.

But I was able to clean up the sever room re-did the power cabling from my UPS to new power strips and cleaned up the patch panels. Took down the last of my legacy home automation stuff I had mounted on the walls and moved a power outlet. Also vacuumed up the cobwebs and dust, blew the dust out of my servers but I swear I didn't make any software changes. :smile:

Now the fun starts since I have to update my VLAN's to a new security layout that accounts for IoT devices, guests, and appliances along with all the other home automation backlog I have.

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The Working from home use case is a PITA!!! I have scedules setup on my Ecobee and Hubitat modes switch the Ecobee to Away and hold until I change (Hubitat=Away) or Resume (Hubitat=Home).

But Working from Home is a special kind of exception. In this case I want to set the Ecobee to Home mode when I'm present and the Ecobee schedule thinks "I should be Away".

If I am not present when Ecobee schedule changes to Away then I've missed to opportunity to set the Ecobee to Home and hold. I feel like the Working from Home helper could benefit from subscribing to presence changes, Ecobee mode changes, and Hubitat mode changes. If any one of those change then it fires the rule to evaluate the state. If one of the presence devices is present, then check to see if the Schedule thinks I should be Away, if both are true then set Ecobee to Home and hold until next program change.

I don't think this is possible with the current helper. Could it be an enhancement to the Working from Home helper?

Or is it possible with Rule Machine? For RM, what variable would I need to check in order find out the scheduled setting? And which action is needed to turn on Home mode and hold until next program change?

Thank you in advance.

Simple solution: create an automation that sets your Hubitat location mode to Home whenever you return home (I use RM for this). Then create an ES Mode/Switches/Program Helper that sets the thermostat to the Home program whenever the Location Mode changes to Home.

MAJOR Update posted on 12 January 2020 at 9:15am EST

This release delivers a completely revamped Smart Vents helper, bug fixes for manual fan controls, and miscellaneous performance enhancements.

  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.7.35
    • setThermostatFanMode() now retains current fanMinOnTime for ON & CIRCULATE; resets to 0 for OFF & AUTO
    • resumeProgram() now works to clear fan holds
    • Fan Holds now mimics exactly fan holds set at the physical thermostat
    • provides new attributes for Smart Vents Helper (nextCoolingSetpoint, nextHeatingSetpoint and nextProgramName); these are only valid when thermostat is in (Smart Recovery)
  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.44
    • Fixed fan holds (setting & recovery) - now properly recognizes fan holds set outside of ES Suite
    • Revamped Smart Recovery, so that the Smart Vents Helper knows what the Recovery target is|
      • added nextCoolingSetpoint, nextHeatingSetpoint and nextProgramName attributes (only valid in (Smart Recovery))
    • Optimized myConvertTemperatureIfNeeded() code
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Vents Helper, version 1.7.23 MAJOR NEW FUNCTIONALITY!
    • New (Smart Recovery) handling - now "knows" the Smart Recovery target temperatures, and optimizes the vents to that target
    • Added Fan Only percentage setting option
    • Added optional Ecobee Programs selection to restrict vent changes to certain Programs/Climates/Schedules
      • Optionally will auto-enroll (and un-enroll) Ecobee Sensors into enabled Programs on the ES Thermostat, so that the ES Sensors' temperature is included in the setpoints
      • Properly recognizes and handles (Smart Recovery) during a disabled Program/Climate, so allows preHeating/Cooling when the next Program is enabled.
    • Now shows open percentage and logical state (open/closed) in device label
    • New recommended min/max values (1/98) for near-silent vent operation (using 0/100 results in the "slap!" sound on Keen vents)
    • Added support for HubConnected EcoNet Vents and Keen Home Smart Vents
      • ES-optimized drivers can be found here. These drivers will show 'open/closed' logical state based upon the configured min/max values
      • Also works with stock EcoNet Vent and Keen Home Smart Vent drivers/DTHs (without open/closed state)
    • Optimized Vent handling - fewer position changes to maximize battery life
    • Operational Note
      • It is strongly recommended that you include at least 1 non-Ecobee temperature sensor (ZigBee, Z-Wave or WiFi) in the configuration of ES Smart Vents, because Ecobee Sensors can be slow to report changes. If possible, tune the non-Ecobee sensors to match the reported value of the Ecobee Sensor, and then adjust the Smart Vent target setpoints to align with the rooms "real" temperature (this because you cannot adjust the Ecobee Sensors' temperature values).

This update is recommended for all Ecobee Suite installations

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Hotfix update for Smart Vents released 12 January 2020 at 1:15pm

  • Ecobee Suite Smart Vents, version 1.7.24
    • Remove extraneous debug logging
    • Add 'percentage' option for vent state when Helper is Paused
    • Updated app.label updates to correctly reflect open/close + percentage states.

As above, recommended for all Ecobee Suite installations

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