[DEPRECATED] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**

I suggest then that you do not install Ecobee Suite Manager.

There are significant latency issues when running Ecobee Suite on Hubitat, but the Hubitat support team has been unable (or unwilling) to identify the cause.

Ecobee Suite Manager runs with less than 5-second overhead for each cycle on SmartThings; Hubitat will frequently exceed 55 seconds (for reasons unknown).

Personally, I'm moving most things back to SmartThings...Hubitat can't handle heavy workloads (not to mention the endless issues with Z-Wave inclusion/performance/response time that many of us are experiencing).

Darn, that was not the answer I was looking for. I really like the tools...


I am not seeing a large latency difference between what SmartThings does and Hubitat does with your Ecobee Suite. I still have them running side by side with a 2 minute polling interval. Also the API timeout hasn't been seen for more that 10 days and when I did see it, it showed up on both the SmartThings and Hubitat platform thus the problems were on the Ecobee side. I do agree with SmartThings running your service in the cloud vs. local there are more mips to drive it but the difference I am seeing is negligible. I do have a solid internet connection for the API call.

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Sorry - I have exhausted all efforts to identify and fix the problem, to no avail. If you do a daily reboot, you probably will be fine. But I see the response times jump up any time the hub sees a fatal error, from ANY driver or application.

Just FYI - the java.sql.SQLException error isn't from my code - it is from the Hubitat platform itself, apparently trying to get an atomicState variable for my app....you might try reporting that to support@hubitat.com, but I'm willing to bet they tell you that they don't support 3rd party applications or drivers... (I myself have never seen that error).

Its not a big deal, but it just seemed like a little more logic to say "T-stat is off no need to send a hold command"

I was using the built in notification option for your helper app....

The Ecobee suite has been running well on my HE, but in the past the built in Ecobee app caused much overhead on the hub. So considering that there was nothing done about the issues with their own BUILT-IN Ecobee app, this does not surprise me.

I do monitor overall hub latency and my hub stays consistently around 500ms most of the time.

I could add an option not to send notifications if the stat is off.

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Ecobee Suite updates posted on 17 September 2019 at 3:40pm ADT


  • Ecobee Suite Working From Home, version 1.7.11
    • Both the Trigger ("Away") thermostat program, and the Action "Home" thermostat program can be selected/specified. This allows WFH to be used (for example) to manage overriding the "Sleep" program.

The trigger is still based off of Presence. For those that use other means to control the Location Mode (e.g., lock codes or service buttons), you will need to create a Virtual Presence sensor that is activated when your location changes to "Home" (or "Night" or whatever you choose), and then use this sensor as the trigger for WFH.


I'm sort of scratching my head about something. Coming from SmartThings and WebCore, I had your Universal Ecobee Suite running and helping me do what I needed, but I'm not sure how to do something I did on ST.

I use the location mode of the hub to drive a lot of things, and have used the Mode/Switches/Program Helper to move the Ecobee to home/away/night properly, but can't get it to go to "vacation". I have a comfort setting named vacation on my ecobee that mirrors the built-in vacation mode, and had been using this fine with Webcore (where I could enter a string value that I could set the schedule to).

What's the best practice way to do this on Hubitat/UES? I now realize I can do this with Rule Machine, but the Mode/Switches Helper seems nearly ideal for this.

Note: I recognize that your preference is to use the Ecobee to manage vacations, but I need to automate the enabling/disabling of this, so Hubitat was my chosen path. An acceptable alternative approach to me would be if there were a way to ask the Ecobee to go into a true vacation mode, but I didn't see a way to do that either.

Thanks in advance!

The Mode/Switches/Program helper should allow you to choose * ANY * program/climatethat you have defined on your thermostat.

If it's not showing your "vacation" program/climate (or if there are other missing climates), then something is wrong. But first perhaps try changing the name of your custom "vacation" program to something else (e.g., "Holiday") and see if that name shows up as a choice. "Vacation" (capitalized) is probably a special case that my code skips over when finding the available climates/programs on your thermostats.

Let me know...

Yeah, you nailed it. Changing to Holiday worked right away. Can't believe I didn't think to try that.

BTW - this app is amazing, both on ST and HE. Thank you for it.


Ecobee Suite updates posted on 8 October 2019 at 8:50am EDT


  • Ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort, version 1.7.16
    • Fixed ST Notifications nested section{} initialization error
    • Removed SMS messaging from HE version (HE only supports Notifications)
    • Fixed typo in event handlers
    • Fixed humidity initialization error

This update is mandatory for all users of the Thermal Comfort Helper

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Ecobee Suite Updates posted on 13 Octobber 2019 at 8:40 AM EDT

This release has several significant updates to the following:

  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.34
    • Added support for display/update of Ecobee 4+ Audio settings & attributes
      • microphoneEnabled, playbackVolume, soundAlertVolume, soundTickVolume, voiceEngines* (* read only)
  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.7.27
    • Fixed thermostatHold in updateThermostatSetpoints()
    • Added support for display (device.currentValue('audioSetting')) and update (setEcobeeSettings('audioSetting','value')) of Ecobee 4+ Audio settings
    • New microphoneOn() & microphoneOff() commands
    • Now immediately updates device attributes upon successful setEcobeeSettings()
  • Ecobee Suite Quiet Time, version 1.7.06
    • Better reservations logic
    • Fixed auto-disable typo
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Switches, version 1.7.06
    • Added optional daily "Actions disabled" time window in settings

These updates are recommended for all users

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New Updates for Ecobee Suite posted on 16 October 2019 at 1:00pm EDT

Updates include:

  • Ecobee Suite Smart Vents, version 1.7.11
    • More robust handling of Keen vents (and other dimmer-based vents)
  • Ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort, version 1.7.17
    • Avoid sending repetitive setpoint adjustments for heat/cool setpoints that are too close together (within the configured minimum delta of the thermostat)
  • Other optimizations and improved logging

These updates are recommended for users of the above two Helpers.

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Dude, @storageanarchy this app is badass! I had been using RM to do a few of the things your helper apps do, but had several ideas that were too much of a headache to implement. Not any more.
Just installed this afternoon and already have several things set up and working smoothly.
You've thought of so many use cases including one I was having trouble with: Not turning the HVAC back on after closing a contact sensor when the HVAC was already off!
The smart circulation is genious. Works so well right out of the box too.
Huge props to you on this app and thank you!


I am curious what cool things users are doing with this app along the lines of efficiency.
For example, the smart mode app looks promising. Basically the idea I want to accomplish is: if it's not too hot out and it's going to get colder, don't turn on the A/C (allow a few degrees warmer in the house to happen in order to save electricity knowing that it's going to cool off). How did you implement this?
Show me your best nerdy implementations!

Maybe it's just me, but my brain doesn't accept it being very warm inside my house, even if I know that it is going to cool down later today/tonight. I have an HVAC precisely so that I can keep my house at a comfortable temperature while I am at home.

That said, have a look at Thermal Comfort for a real geek treat. This Helper will adjust the heating/cooling setpoints based on comfort, clothing and activity levels that you set, triggered by changes in humidity inside your house (higher humidity makes you feel warmer). So, when it's pretty dry inside your house in the summer, it will inch up the cooling setpoint; dry in the winter will require more heat to make you feel warm.

Your biggest savings will come from setting back your HVAC setpoints when you're not home - Smart Modes/Switches/Programs can automate this for you, based off of your Location Mode. Open Contacts & Switches can save you some $'s by shutting off the HVAC altogether when somebody leaves doors and windows open for too long. And, you might avoid some heat/cool demand by employing the Smart Circulation Helper, which will run the fan in an attempt to get more even temperatures across multiple rooms. And finally, Smart Vents can save $'s by closing off the vents in rooms you aren't using (or just want to keep warmer/cooler), but this requires some kind of smart vent that can be controlled by the Helper.



Just a side note - if you speak with an HVAC guy, they will tell you that closing vents off in rooms is a great way to reduce the longevity of your HVAC system. It's akin to jogging with one nostril closed. Typically, if you're going to want to do that, do maybe one OR two rooms max with the vents partially closed. But don't just close all the upstairs vents in the winter and vice versa for the summer -- you'll ruin your HVAC system.

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[PRE-RELEASE] New Open Contacts & Switches Helper

A user recently asked if I could make the Notifications sent by the Open Contacts & Switches Helper customizable, so that they sounded better as Echo Speaks announcements. I have completed a major update to this Helper that enables you to customize:

  • The notification prefix - default: "(Helper Name) at (Location Name)"
  • The way Contact Sensors are referenced - default "contact sensors"
    • Option to use the specific device's display name that is open/closed (e.g., "Front Door Sensor")
    • Includes the ability to remove specific words from the devices’ display name (e.g., "Sensor" --> "Front Door")
    • Optionally add “the “ as prefix to devices’ display name (e.g., "the Front Door")
  • The way Switches are referenced,
    • Option to use the specific device's display name that is on/off (e.g., "Attic Fan Switch")
    • Includes the ability to remove specific words from the devices’ display name (e.g., "Switch" --> "Attic Fan")
    • Optionally add “the “ as prefix to devices’ display name (e.g., "the Attic Fan")
  • The way Thermostats are referenced (e.g., "Thermostat", "HVAC system", "(thermostat display name")
    • Includes the ability to remove specific words from the devices’ display name (e.g. "EcobeeTherm: Downstairs" --> "Downstairs")
    • Optionally add one of a selection of prefixes to devices’ display name (e.g., the, Thermostat, ... --> "Thermostat Downstairs")
    • Optionally add one of a selection of suffixes to devices’ display name (e.g., "The Downstairs HVAC system"
  • Whether or not the delay minutes is included in the notification (e.g., "... has been open for 5 minutes, ..." or "... has been open too long, ...")

The Customize Notifications page dynamically shows you how various messages will appear based on the Helper's device/setup options and the selected customizations, helping you select the options that work best for your home.

Some examples:

  • "The Front Door has been open for 5 minutes, the Downstairs HVAC system is now off"
  • "One or more doors and/or windows have been open open too long, you should turn off the HVAC system"
  • "All windows are closed, the Upstairs Thermostat is now on"
  • "Upstairs HVAC Monitor at Daytona Beach House: the Attic Fan was turned on, the A/C is now off"
  • "ATTENTION RENTERS! the Porch Slider has been open too long, the HVAC System is now off"

I'm looking for users to try out this new version and provide feedback on the options and resulting notifications. Just please be aware that there may be bugs in the code...

You can find this development version here

Respectfully, that's a bit too harsh - especially with modern HVAC systems that have variable speed fans and multi-zoned systems with a single air handler. These systems are specifically designed to handle different "loads" without damaging the system.

That said, my Ecobee Suite documentation and the Helper itself both recommend that you never fully close any vents. The Helper allows you to set a specific minimum level to represent "closed" - I use 15% in the 2 rooms I utilize the Smart Vents Helper in.

YMMV, of course.

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Perhaps. But I know how cursed I am with HVAC systems and I've had nothing but problems with my systems when I was doing that. I just bought a new home and I spoke with the HVAC guys about this topic and I've read articles on it. So there's some truth to it at the very least.

Regardless, I didn't know you could set limits on "closed". That's good to know as I'd like to do that in a couple rooms. BTW, even the smart vent manufacturers tell you not to do it and they say that their products are not intended to be put in every room.

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