[Deprecated] Ring Alarm Keypad G2 - New Dev/Driver/Thread Links in 1st post!

It seems like all we really have to do is loop through the 255 potential hex codes. This one makes a nice tone I've not heard before:

sendToDevice(zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1, value: 0, indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:0x60, propertyId:0x09, value:0x63]]).format())

If my ring keypad hasn't caught fire while looping I'll report back on anyother interesting tones.

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Yup, I have that one BUT I was using - value:0xFF, with played fine on the older firmware but not on the newer firmware.

value:0x63 works great on BOTH firmware! I'll have a new build on GitHub in a couple of minutes to play around with.


New version on GitHub...

1.0.4 - 12/10/21 - Added Keypad Tones! Thanks to @arlogilbert for help with the value:hexcode

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@bptworld after running a loop of 0-255, it appears that the sound triggered by 0x63 (aka 99) is actually the exact same tone that is played for almost every other variation, just with slightly different volumes. 0x10 for example is the same tone, just very very quiet. My wife was not thrilled at my 0-255 with a 2 second wait aka 8.5 minutes of chirps.

Here is one more - this sounds a bit more like a "door is open" chime to me.

sendToDevice(zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1, value: 0, indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:0x09, propertyId:0x01, value:0x10]]).format())

That's the sound the keypad makes when it doesn't like the code you entered. Try hitting just the 'disarm' button without putting in a code or enter in a non-existing code and hit the 'disarm' button.

Keep going though, who knows what else is hiding in this little device. :wink:

Last night I tried to send speech to it and also tried to send my own sound file but it didn't work.

Someone needs to make a list :slight_smile:

They are already listed in the driver.

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New version on GitHub...

1.0.5 - 12/11/21 - Invalid Code Sound now available as a playTone option, other cosmetic changes

Tone_3 does more than play a tone, it also puts the keypad into a red light state.

I am not sure this issue has anything at all to do with the community driver but I figured this is probably not a bad place to ask... has anyone seen an issue where HSM will either arm or disarm from a source other than the keypad and somehow the keypad never gets the message? I've noticed this every once in a while. I have a rule to corect the issue but wondering if it's a deeper problem. I don't think it's a zwave mesh issue. I'm pretty diligent about maintaining good zwave hygene.

Tone_1, Tone_2 and Tone_3 have the Red Indicator flash with the tone. The rest are more pleasing to the ears. I added a note on the device page. I'll be in the next release.

I don't use HSM (I wrote my own, lol) So if you want to try out this driver with HSM and report back with a debug log if something doesn't work, that would be great.

@bptworld looking at the great work you’ve done with the ring keypad driver i’d be curious to see what you’ve done with HSM. Is it available for download ?

Thanks, It's called Safety Net but it's not available yet. Still working on a few things. :wink:

Is there any chance the proximity sensor could be enabled as a motion sensor. I can see use cases to help write rules to understand if you are coming and going.

Not that I can tell. It doesn't send anything to HE when there is motion. It's just an internal function of the keypad.

I don't suppose this would also work with the Ring V1 Keypad would it?

Not the way it's written right now. Someone would need to know the fingerprint and command set to add it. I don't have the device so it would be really hard to know if it would work or not.

How can i set Arm Night? I understand that i can either have Arm Home or Arm night? At the moment i have Arm Home.

The keypad only supports 'arm home' and 'arm away'. Anything else would be done using Rule Machine, Webcore or Event Engine

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