[DEPRECATED] Enhanced GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Fan Control Driver

EDIT: This user driver is no longer needed now that the in-box GE Fan Controller driver works/displays correctly from the dashboard and supports the button Double Tap features. Development of this driver has been discontinued.

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Fan Control Driver
The in-box GE/Jasco fan control driver does not support the Fan Control capability or the Fan template on the Dashboard.

This driver adds support for that (and more).

NOTE: This is for the toggle/paddle GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Fan Control only . It will not work with the non Z-Wave Plus models.

It has been tested with a GE 14287 model. It should also work with the Jasco and Honeywell branded versions.


  • ON/OFF/Level/Fan speed control
  • Fan speed control
    • Setting fan speed from physical switch
      • From the switch there are still just the normal 3 speeds (low/medium/high). There is no way to change the physical button press behavior when it comes to fan speeds.
      • When adjusting from the physical button, the "speed" variable shown on the device detail or dashboard will be set based on the level % the switch is set at - so it may not say low/medium/high, as it depends what you set the thresh holds at (see below).
      • Also, when setting speed from the physical switch, the switch DOES NOT always go to the same %. For example, when setting speed to LOW from the switch sometimes the level gets set to 1%, sometimes 5%, sometimes 15%, etc. That is just the way GE/Jasco designed it, and there isn't anything I can do about that. Because of this, when setting fan speed from the physical switch the "speed" variable may show different values even at the same speed setting on the switch.
    • Setting fan speed from HE (device details, a rule/app, or the dashboard when using the "fan" template
      • There are 5 speeds - low/medium-low/medium/medium-high/high.
      • The driver let's you control what % to set the fan when using the HE initiated fan speeds of low/med-low/med/med-high/high. See device preferences on the device details page.
  • Support for the hardware Double Tap Up and Double Tap Down functions. You can use the switch like a scene controller, or use the Double Tap events as a button in any way you want.
    • The double taps will show up as doubleTap button pushes. Button 1=Double Tap Up, 2=Double Tap Down.
    • So in RM, for instance, you would select the "button" capability, and and you would use the "doubleTapped" event (not pushed).
  • Exposed all association groups, and are adjustable.
  • All ON/OFF and double taps create a State Change event


  • none


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat
  2. Apply to a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Fan device. Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button
  5. Set speed from driver device details page one time to get speed variable setup

Driver can be found on my GitHub
(Direct Link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Botched1/Hubitat/master/Drivers/GE-Jasco%20Z-Wave%20Plus%20Fan%20Control/GE%20Z-Wave%20Plus%20Fan%20Control.groovy )

  • 1.0.0 (04/07/2019) - Initial Version
  • 1.0.1 (04/07/2019) - Fixed issue where "speed" wasn't calculated when speed changed from physical switch.

I'm slightly confused. You have 5 speeds in the driver but the fan only has 3 speeds. Do you just have the other two as repeats?

When controlled from the physical button, you can't control what % low/medium/high speeds go to. So they still go to whatever fan output % they go to. And it isn't always the same level %! On my switches sometimes LOW=1%, sometimes 15%, sometimes something else. Etc. So not sure how I would want to handle that in the future in terms of translating back to an enumeration.

When controlled from the HE dashboard, the dashboard always has 5 speeds regardless what the device can do. So I made it so that you can set whatever % you want for each speed.

Right now, if changing speed from the physical switch, I do not re-calculate the displayed 'speed' enumeration. I might at some point, but the focus was to make it work 100% from the dashboard, not necessarily to make it display correctly on the dashboard when controlling from the physical switch.

Okay. So, as far as the double-taps...would up be button 1 and down be button 2?

Correct. That is consistent with how the custom DTH in ST are, and all of the other user device drivers I made in HE (for the GE devices that support doubletap, that is).

I know...but I figured that now everyone else would. :slight_smile:

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Good point. I added to the 1st post. Thanks!

No problem. And thank you!

I'm going to go back and have the physical level changes map to a speed enumeration next. I probably should have done that in the 1st place.

Uploaded 1.0.1 - speed variable updates when speed changed from physical switch. Oops.

Renamed to "Enhanced" to differentiate from the built-in GE Fan Control driver, as it was updated to support the fan speed features/buttons, but not features this driver has like configurable level% for each fan speed.


As many of you noticed already, the GE Fan Controller does not let you set arbitrary speeds, even though it will accept the SetLevel %, and report back the %...

It only has the fixed 3 speeds. This is a hardware limitation.

So this driver is really unnecessary / doesn't work as advertised. No matter what you set the speed breakpoints as there are only 3 speeds in the fan controller - low, medium, high.

Breakpoints are:

You should just use the in-box "GE Smart Fan Control" driver now that it supports the speed settings.

Sorry for any confusion. I convinced myself the SetLevel was working - and even tested it, but I picked breakpoints that make it look like it was doing something - but wasn't. :frowning:

I'm abandoning development on this driver, and switching to the in-box one.

Hoping I can tag onto this thread...

I have TWO 14287 GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Control switches. I made a rule with a button that will alternate the fan between "LOW" and "OFF". I've been tearing my hair out, only to discover what I think is the issue. When the rule executes a command, the "current state" of the switch is not updated. i.e., when the rule executes a "low" fan speed command, the fan then obeys that commands, but then the next time I run that rule, when it looks at the current state of the fan "IF Fan is "LOW"), it doesn't execute properly, because the status from the driver still shows "off". So, for example, I'm currently looking at a fan running at low speed but the current state shows both "speed" and "switch" to off. I even have a "refresh device" command at the beginning of the rule. No dice.

I switched from the "in box" GE Smart Fan Control" driver to this "deprecated" driver and everything work now as it should. Thanks for making this one still available, as something in the driver that automatically comes up still isn't working right. All the "commands" work fine, so it appears as though the driver works, but it doesn't update "current status" like Jason's driver does. Where might I report this to hopefully see what's going on? In the mean time, glad this driver is still here!

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