Depending on if a buyer can be found this could be one less hub for the marketplace


It will be interesting to see if anyone will pick this up as a going concern.

Lowes dropping iris

Maybe Hubitat could buy the business, change the name, distribute HE in Lowe's, and inherit production rights for a bunch of relatively decent sensors at the same time. 🤾


My guess is it will be Amazon Ring, Samsung ST is unlikely. However, no matter who buys it I doubt it will remain on display at Lowe's.


@kilowatts My first thought also.


I highly doubt Hubitat would even want to buy Iris from Lowes. You realize that Iris sells monthly subscription plans for remote monitoring, right? That where they make the majority of their money. One of the things any buyer of the business will have to do is continue support for those plans for the life of their contracts. Lowes said that in the press release. I doubt that Hubitat would be in a position to, or want to, support monthly monitoring plans when their whole thing is local control. But hey, stranger things have happened I guess.


I doubt they'll go on clearance before Christmas, but Lowes will probably be looking to dump their existing in-store stock even if they find a buyer for the Iris brand. And if you're a fan of Iris and want more, keep an eye on the news for if they don't find a buyer.

edit: Stores are putting stuff on clearance.


Lowes "remote monitoring" is just a poorly branded security monitoring. Certainly not a good fit for the Hubitat business model.

But the hardware/supply chain side... I agree, it's highly doubtful it'd be something they're interested in, but the idea of Hubitat having official Hubitat branded hardware is intriguing.