Denon Heos: Create a Routine to increase the volume greater or smaller in interval

I am trying to automate a volume up and volume down command that increases or decreases the volume greater that the interval in which the device does.


I have the Denon HEOS app integration that was developed by @dcm.heos.


I want to enable a Alexa command to increase and decrease volume on the Denos Heos Drive zones greater than what the integration currently does. It takes too many command calls to get to the volume that we would want.

There is a command in which we have a preset volume when a virtual switch is triggered via discovered through Alexa. We want to have the ability to 4 or 5x increase the volume gradient up or down to minimize the command calls necessary.


Default routine sets the volume to "45" as the baseline. When you do a volume up command, it only marginally (But 1) increases the volume by "1" level. This then sets it to "46" and you can see how many calls you need to make to let's say getting from "45" to "55" as an example. This also is a need in the reverse order.

If anybody call help lay out a "rule" that support make a single command to get from "45" to "50" IE 5 active increases as an example is exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks again for the community support to help enhance this need!

It's kind of a klutz, but you might use the "set volume" command in, say, five rules, each with a higher volume - - - - - - perhaps 25,30,35,40,45. Then set up five virtual switches that match.

I use a virtual switch and a matching rule to turn on a specific speaker, select the station, set volume, etc. I say, "Alexa, turn on Kitchen Speaker" and in a few moments I am listening to Sirius-Symphony Hall.

What I can't do with Hubitat yet is play specific tracks (files) from my NAS. Most of the commands in the HEOS/Hubitat device call for a "url". I don't know where to find or how to format the url. Can any body help?


Mike M

I use the Lower Volume and Raise Volume commands in webCoRE to accomplish something similar with buttons, e.g.

Hope this helps.