Denon AVR driver supportedInputs attribute is invalid JSON?

according to the documentation, the supportedInputs attribute is of type JSON_OBJECT. However, this is the value of it:

So... how am I supposed to parse that into something I can use in code? Am I being stupid here? When I read that attribute using currentValue I just get a string. So I was going to use a JsonSlurper to read it's value into an object but I can't because that's not Json :confused: Is there some other construct to read something that's a Groovy map?


Maybe a typo from someone who populated the attribute manually with a string instead of Map-converted JSON or correctly typed JSON? :smiley: (This would be a comment for the driver author, not us, of course.)

It doesn't match the demo for lightEffects, which is the same type and valid JSON: LightEffects - #2 by mike.maxwell

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Yup, you're correct.
Found and fixed, fix will be available in platform 2.3.0

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