Deletion of Original Post - What Happens to replies?

If I’m the original poster on a topic and I delete the original post, what happens to the replies? Do those get deleted also or do they continue to hang out there?

If someone would reply to this I can delete it and find out!

I’d like to consolidate two related threads into one.

If you delete your OP before anyone replies, the thread itself will be removed.

If you delete your OP after someone has replied, then only your post is removed. The thread remains open and others can continue to post in it.


It would be nice if the OP could close a thread and make it read only. Could I request a thread be made read only after I post a message redirecting any new posts to another thread?

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Yes, you can definitely do this. Tag @bobbyD in your request.

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Actually if the OP deletes the thread all posts go with it.

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Yup, what @aaiyar said. When ready, just tag and we will close it.

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Is there an option to delete an entire thread? Without a mod doing it on request?

Only the OP can do it, or an admin.