Deleting problematic parent device (IoTaWatt)

I previously posted in the IoTaWatt thread that the most recent HE update bricked the IoTaWatt integration. I decided to roll back to a previous HE version and restored an old database until I had time to try again. Today I updated HE again and added a new IoTaWatt parent which works fine - but I can't delete the old IoTaWatt parent because of this error when trying to access the parent device to delete it.

Since I already took the time to set up a new IoTaWatt parent, is there any way to remove the old parent without having to roll back again? I was able to remove the child devices.

Any ideas before I contact support, or suck it up and roll back (again) and set up a new device (again)?

Please don't put in a ticket for broken custom code. Can you post the source of the updated() method for the device you are trying to delete? Can you do a search for "schedule(" in the source and post any lines you've found?

Also can you post the settings of the device you are trying to delete, is there a "180" in one of them?

The custom code doesn't seem to be the problem. Applying the most recent hub update broke this particular parent device. I created a new parent using the exact same custom driver code and it works fine.

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for, but the problem is that I can't access the device page itself -- it returns the posted 404 error rather than the device page. That's why I can't get to the delete button.

Roll back to an earlier hub version and delete the device. Then talk to the developer, "0/180 ... " is not a valid cron expression it must be less than 60.

@epj3 I have corrected the bug in the IoTaWatt Parent driver cod related to allowing invalid cron schedules. The latest version should eliminate this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.