Deleted guest user cn still log into hub

Have a C7 hub with the latest update,
Added a guest user and later removed that account but can still log in to hub after account has been deleted.
How do I resolve this issue?

Where/how are they logging into the hub? The Dashboard? If they are are logging into the admin side, (devices, apps) how are they accessing the hub, there must be a VPN or some other form of remote access?

Sorry forgot to add that bit of info, the Hubitat APP on an Android phone, no VPN and they can get connected locally or over the internet, NOT via the ip-address

Tagging @support_team from Hubitat. Sounds like the token used by the Hubitat Mobile App is not getting invalidated when the user account was removed.


Anyone have any other suggestions.
Help @support_team @bobbyD

I am unable to replicate this issue. When you have a chance, please send me a private message along with the MAC address of your hub and the guest email.

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