Deleted Google Home built in APP -- Now I cannot reinstall it

I decided to try the community Google Home app and I removed the built in app from my HE. I decided to return to the original app but now when I want to reinstall the original built in app I get taken to the docs page without having the app reinstalled. When I try to add my hub to GH on my phone I get a connection error, I am assuming it is because it isn't running on the hub?

The app installs itself when you setup through Google Home. You will most likely have to remove device from Google Home then follow these steps :

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I am able to remove the old location but the instructions don't match my phone. I have Android 11 on a pixel and the + for adding I'd missing. I can get to a " works with google" hubitat connection but I get an error saying it can't complete the connection

Figured it out Google didn't automatically remove the previous connection, once I did that all worked out