Deleted device from rule, but still controlled by it

Hey All,

I have a rule that turns off a bunch of devices under certain criteria. I decided to change which devices, so I deleted one. However, whenever the rule is triggered, this device still turns off. I have doublechecked the rule and do not see the device listed. However, when I got to the device page, I see it still listing that rule in the "In Use By" box.

When editing the rule, did you finish by pressing the "done" buttons all the way back out? I think if you exited the page before pressing the final "done" button then the rule might have not updated correctly. I'd try going back in, adding it again, press "Done with Actions" then "Done", then go back in and remove the device, then "Done with Actions" and "Done" again. That might help.

Just for information devices can remain in the 'In Use By' section even if they have been removed from a rule. This has been reported numerous times.
If they have been completely removed from a rule then that rule will not perform any actions on that device even if it is in the in use by section.
If you clone a rule and then change the device this can sometimes throw this up.