Delete a dashboard?

Sorry for a newbie question. I looked and can't find the way to delete a dashboard. I created on as a test, but no longer need it. Using Android.

Just go to the dash in question, scroll down and hit Remove :+1:

You delete them from the apps section. Select the dashboard you want to delete and then select Remove at the bottom of the page


I'm having the same issue ... unwanted dashboards cluttering things up.
I can't find any option to remove the dashboard at the bottom of the page ...
can you share a screenshot ?


Go to the Apps menu on the Right hand side of the screen,

Go to the Hubitat Dashboards app and select the dashboard you want to delete. Scroll to the bottom and select Remove.




As above :point_up_2::+1:



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Sorry to bump this, but does anyone else think that this is a bit silly and very poor UI? I had to google how to delete dashboards.

Actually, on a related topic, other than editing the JSON directly, how is one supposed to remove tiles from a dashboard? And why is the UI for adding tiles so hard to use, would it be so hard to put a border around the cell(s) in the dashboard view to know where the next "Add Tile" is going to go?

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In terms the UI, on the surface it may appear that way, but personally I think it is good in that administration function such as the setup of devices, apps and rules are handled through the system admin UI. So it makes sense to only expose the ability to delete a dashboard there as well. You can then also manage to what level people can edit dashboard in the end user UI, e.g. the Hubitat phone app.

Sure, hide it in the mobile app or whatever, but I am in the primary web interface where I can change/add/delete all of the tiles, why not have the ability to remove the whole dashboard. Seems pretty arbitrary since I can wander over into apps and delete it from there.

Hubitat staff recently mentioned they are aware of shortcomings with dashboard. They also stated an overhaul is planned. No time frame given. Bigger fish to fry atm.

Fair point @richard1, I hadn't thought of that aspect.