Anyone know what this means and is there something I need to correct. This is the first that I have seen of this. Thanks. Is my devices seeing a delayed in execution?

Looks like you have the Device Monitor 3rd party smartApp installed. This is simply reporting the way you configured it. It monitors the last time the device checked in with the hub. Each device you have, checks in at different rates and some have checkin rates that can be changed.

The reports you are seeing are for all the devices that have not checked in within the time you specified in the app (ie delayed) and not that they have actual delays in response.
So, you have a few options and it depends totally on your device types and your specific needs.
Increase the time period before a device is considered to be delayed.
If possible, change the reporting intervals in the driver that is showing.
Other options that I can't think of because I no longer use this app myself :slight_smile:


@stephack Thanks for explaining the reports, I will go back and look at what I did. Thanks for you help.

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