Delaying Night Mode if not “All” are home

Scratching my head on this one...either missing something or overthinking. Just came over from ST this month. I have the following modes:
Early Morning (time based - 6am)
Day (sunrise)
Evening (sunset)
Night (time based 11pm)
Away modes.
Using time settings when any presence devices arrives, and away for all presence devices leave.
HSM set for Arm-Away and Arm-Night.
Rare occasion that one of us or both of us are not home by 11pm (virtual babysitter device is present so Arm-Away doesn't trigger)
How can I stop Arm-Night from kicking in at 11pm if not everyone is present?
What happens if i have set mode based on time and set mode based on presence configured? Will that solve my first question?
Can I delay it from “arming” when we become present since presence will kick in before we are actually inside the house?
Should I scrap the whole idea of having it auto arm and use a manual trigger and new mode?

I have a similar setup and had the same issue where I needed time for us to enter the house if we arrived after 11pm. I had it delay on entering home night mode by 10 minutes so at 10:50 it delays 10 minutes then enters home night mode if someone is home, if not it enters night away or vacation away mode. When we arrive after 11 it disarms for 10 minutes then arms to home night.

We also had a similar problem before, but this was plainly solved by using a couple of buttons by our beds. These will preform different things depending of the actual mode, and if we're in Evening it will switch to Night but only if both of us are home. If not, it will go to Home Alone and just turn all lights off but nothing more. When later all are home and either button is pressed again, the regular Night Mode will be activated together with selected sensors.

This will be our setup:

I had problems with mode changes because I'm retired and I don't do anything on a set time.

I have four modes:

  • Home, for when I'm awake and at home;
  • Away, for when I'm gone;
  • Evening is sunset to when I go to bed;
  • Asleep is from when I go to be until I get up.
    When I come home from Away, the mode should be set to Home if it's before sunset, or Evening if after sunset.

I found it difficult to set this up successfully using only Mode Manager. My solution was to use Mode Manager to set Evening based on sunset, and Away/Home based on presence. I also use virtual switches to set all four modes in Mode Manager, and use RM4 combined with Alexa routines to set the switches.

The rule that might be relevant to your case is one that triggers when I come home, if Mode Manager switches to Home. Basically, if It really should be Evening, the rule throws the evening switch and exits. Otherwise, it does stuff I want done when I get up in the morning or come home from being away. The Alexa Morning switch is on if I'm getting up in the morning to handle the case if I'm rising before sunrise.

Anyway, this might get some thoughts flowing on what to do with HSM if not everyone is home.

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