Delayed entry problem

I have a delayed entry set up when I enter through the front or back doors. Problem is if I enter through the front door I also activate motion sensors that are grouped using the Zone Motion Controller app which then immediately trigger the intrusion alarm. I listed the zones in HSM rather than the individual motion sensors. Could this be causing my problem?

FYI - It works fine on the back door which has no motion sensors monitoring the area and the keypad to turn off the alarm is located there. This area is not monitored by motion sensors so the contact sensors on the doors do trigger the entry delay..

My thoughts are that motion sensors are normally setup for instant trigger. The other alarm companies make these part of the away zone because they are not expecting anything in the zone covered by the motions. Motions are typically inactive on home/night scenes because someone is most likely home and you only need perimeter protection. So I would guess, move the motion that covers the front door (because the front door switch covers that entry point) and have your deactivation method next to the door area away from the motion sensors.

This shouldn't be happening as long as the contact sensor reports back to HE before the Motion Sensor does. Do you have a list of contact sensors to allow the entry delay on? Try removing that and allowing the entry delay for all contact sensors and see if that fixes the problem. Or, with the system disarmed, look at both the motion sensor and contact sensor when you open the door? Does the contact sensor report first or the motion sensor?

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