Delayed boolean change based on Hue bulb status

My basement is 9 Hue bulbs. I have a ST motion sensor on the stairs to detect motion and subsequently turn on the basement lights. Easy. This is Rule A.

However, going back upstairs, I want to disable that rule so it doesn't turn the lights back on. Using webcore, this seemed to work fine. I had a piston turn off for 60 seconds.

In Hubitat, I'm using "Enable/Disable with private Boolean" for the rule. If it is enabled, and I detect motion, the basement lights turn on, and the rule turns itself off by setting the private boolean to false.

When you turn off the basement lights (via Hue dimmer switch, I have no direct access to that button press I believe?), I'm using the state of 1 bulb. If it turns off, I delay the action for 60 seconds, and then proceed to set Rule A's private boolean to true.

My issue is the detection of the state of that 1 bulb. It seems to be variable for some reason. Sometimes it's near instant, sometimes it's 30-45 seconds later.

Alternatively, I think this might be easier to do if I replaced my Hue dimmer switch with a pico switch (or my stair lights with Lutron switches, which I plan on doing anyway)?

Yeah, the hue bridge does not push state changes, not even to the hue app. So what you're seeing is the event delay as we poll the bridge for state data every 60 seconds. I imagine the hue dimmer could be paired to Hubitat, however we don't have a driver for it.
So your best bet right now would be to accelerate your Lutron migration and get a Pico down there.

Funnily enough, I found there seems to be a driver by @Keo Hue Dimmer Integration

I haven't had a chance to try it out, but thanks for the info, good to know I shouldn't use Hue states, heh.

You could also get yourself a motion sensor and create a rule that says on motion refresh the bulbs that are in that room.

This should give you a faster state change. The driver you referenced is actually a port from SmartThings, so I can't take full credit for it. However, I have been using it for a while with no issues.

hrm, didn't know you could do that. I'll probably just get my lutron setup in place since I ultimately want that.

Though, not sure how to get this hue dimmer added in the meantime, lol. Is the hue bridge supposed to see it?

You need to remove it from the hue bridge and add it to hubitat.

ah, thanks. That will have to wait until tomorrow so I don't break functionality during the day.

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