Delayed arming problem


The way I'm used to using a security system is that I open the door start to leave and hit the delayed arm button on the way out. The issue with HSM is it's checking the door contact sensor immediately and fails to arm sending an error. They way it SHOULD behave is to check the contact sensors AFTER the delay period to allow exiting of the property.

A second issue is in regards to the iris garage door opener. I would really like to have HE close the door after the alarm is set, but I don't see anyway to do that since arming checks the status of the door sensor, and seeing it open, will refuse to arm. So I have to make sure that I manually close the door before I try to set the alarm.

No one else noticed these things??


Remove the arming failure notification and it will arm and just ignore the open contact/motion until after it resets (closes/goes inactive). They should have a little more information on that notification option that says it will prevent the system from arming if a sensor is in the triggered state already.

Once you have that taken care of you can create the rule to shut your garage door after the system is armed.


That did work. I guess it's an ok work around for not knowing if I left any doors or windows open. :frowning:


The problem I had with it is I don't arm my system when I leave but my Life 360 takes care of it about at the end of the block so I wouldn't necessarily get the message about a door/window left open while I'm still willing to go back to correct it or some windows I leave open in the summer when I go for a run (generally on the back where you'd need a tall ladder to access) and I wouldn't want that to prevent the system from arming.

When I read that option I figured it would only alert if it failed to arm for some reason not that having it setup to notify would cause it to fail to arm if a sensor is in its triggered state.

I now use a RM notification to alert me if a door/window got left open that way I know but it doesn't prevent the rest of the automations, lights turning off, music pausing, locks locking, garage door shutting and monitoring from enabling.


Take a look at my Nyckelharpa app, one of the features is forcing HSM to arm with open contacts.


You realise what you want is exactly how it's been operating? Why would you want it to check after the delay when you've already gone through the door? What's the purpose of it letting you know at that point that something else is left open like a window? Lol.

What it does is check when you try to arm. So don't open the door ur exiting through, but arm and it will check if any sensors are open, if there are then you can go check which window or door, but if not then at that point it will start the delayed countdown and you can exit before it arms.

Re the garage door, you can remove that contact from checked during arming, and also makes sense to remove it from being able to trigger an alarm event considering if you open ur garage door it will trip the alarm, even with a 30 second delay you'd have to be quite fast to get to a keypad in that time lol. Re having it close when armed, you can do that with rule machine. Create a rule that closes the garage door when HSM status changes to armed away.


Can't say I've ever used a security system that works any different. I've always had to have the door closed, enter the code, then exit. Businesses and Residential systems of friends and customers. All the same. Systems either don't let you arm when you try to enter the code, or immediately tell you a contact is open, and prevent you from arming until corrected.

Some have option to ignore sensors at that point.


I like the idea of checking for the status of contacts myself in a rule triggered on HSM change.


Actually, I would suggest a trigger rule of whatever you are doing now to arm HSM that either arms HSM or doesn't because a contact you want checked is open. If you react to HSM arming, the first thing you'd have to do is to disarm HSM otherwise you'll get an intrusion alert.


That functionality is built in. You can have it alert you via text or pushover etc of exactly what contact sensor is still open when it tries to arm.


Yes, but you can't select which contact sensors it checks and there is not way to override it. That's kinda the whole point of the thread. When i had this enabled, if i had the door i was exiting opened, it wouldn't arm. And there was no way to force it.


I have the force.


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Are you saying you want to be able to have it ignore the front door being open? Maybe someone can figure out a way to do this but it goes against every other security system I've ever used...sorry I'm no help


My app Nyckelharpa, figured out a way. Sometimes there is no choice and you must force arm with an open contact.

Nyckelharpa under user control, forces HSM arming when a contact is open. Partial security is better than no security


It's 1AM, you want to arm the system for the night, but a contact is broken.

You are away from home, forgot to arm the system, and when you try, oops the back door is open.


You can choose the sensors you want to be monitored though...


Yes, you can.

What happens if just one those monitored sensors has a dead battery or, a sensor was left open at your last home exit, you forgot to arm the system, try to arm through a dashboard 100 miles from home with no VPN to adjust the system?

No one is saying you have to use my app. Perhaps you have never experienced not being able to force arming. I would rather have partial arming vs no arming.

Forced arming saved me about 3 weeks ago when a door contact sensor went berserk at 1AM and wanted to arm the system for the night. Forced armed the remainder of the system, went to sleep, next day replaced the sensor's battery and had to re-pair on the hub. No messing with settings at 1AM.


Not raining on ur apps parade at all, your app indeed sounds like it's worth using in some of the scenarios you have mentioned.