Delayed arming Alexa TTS announcements

So, total newbie here, first post, please be patient. I'm being orphaned by IRIS, and ordered HE. I've read and read, figured alot out, but still have an issue. I'm one of the few that can say I will miss the IRIS simplicity, and I didn't suffer the issues with it, that others seem to have.
I set up an Alexa exit announcement, disarm reminder, and disarm confirmation using an RM trigger. They work, mostly. Disarm reminder and separate confirmation work from the dashboard or centralite keypads. The exit announcement is set on delayed arming, and works flawlessly from the dashboard, but not when arming from the keypads. Adding the keypads as triggers, causes the message to be spoken after arming, not during the delay. I've looked the logs over, and it appears that when armed from a keypad, the system doesn't actually trigger HSM to start delay, it sends a signal, but then the delay occurs within the pad, and the pad then sends another signal to trigger arming, after the delay countdown.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a limitation of the way that keypads are implemented with HE and HSM. There is no workaround for this presently. It gets even stranger when you have 2 keypads. I would recommend only using your keypads for disarming and another function for arming. For example, I have an Iris button mounted above my keypad. This button does my entire "leaving home routine" and also arms HSM.

Thanks. I figured this to be the case, especially after seeing that the system doesn't seem to be able to be disarmed during the countdown. Like another pad rearms, at the end, even if the original keypad is used to disarm.


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