Delay stops rule

I have a rule that has been running successfully for quite a while. I Recently Added to it and it seems to have stopped working. It runs perfectly up until a delay. After the delay is over, I have things scheduled but it never comes back from the delay. Once the delay hits, the rule never reactivates. I’ve watched it for several days and the logs look the same. As soon as the delay hits, it never comes back and finishes. On this particular screenshot, it was triggered twice so there is a little more in the log than the one run. It still seems to work the same, hanging on the delay.

The expression now true on the end of the log is from me opening the rule.

Did you manually run the rule at 20:17? When a rule is run more than once, it starts in parallel with the previous executions and can cause issues.

To avoid this, you can change the Delays to Waits. This will cancel the previous wait when the next one is run.