Delay Order (asynchronous/synchronous)

does anyone know the order of the delay command? for example if I have a RM that kicks off at 7:30 and have a delay that kicks off 15 minutes later I know that will run at 7:45, but what happens if you add a second or third delay? for example:

  • RM Kicks off at 7:30
    -Delay 1 (D1-15 mins)
    -Delay 2 (D2-30 mins)
    -Delay 3 (D3-20 mins)

Is the order: 7:30, D1-7:45, D2-8:15, and D3-8:35 (asynchronous)?
Or is it: 7:30, D1-7:45, D3-7:50, D2-8:00 (synchronous)?

depends on the dely type.

If it's a delayed action then it's your synchronous example

the 2nd will complete before the 1st.

If its a action delay, then it's your asynchronous example.

the 1st will trigger then it will delay 10 s then the 2nd action will complete.

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