Delay mode change

I have a few rules that run when I return home, but some of them I don't want to run if someone is already home. There are some unnecessarily complex ways to get around this but I think the simplest way would be to just add an option to have a slight delay to mode changes in the Mode Manager App.

This way we could have a rule that triggers when a presence sensor arrives home and the mode is away. Since there would be a slight delay, maybe 5 seconds, of the mode changing from away to day/evening/etc, when someone arrives home, the rule would run. However, if someone was already home, the mode wouldn't be away and therefore the rule wouldn't run.

Maybe there's a simple way to do this that I'm missing but this seems like a good approach to build into Hubitat to make it easy for everyone.

It's pretty simple to do this in a rule.
I use this (you can ignore all on/off actions) and just have rules check what the door variable is as the first action in the rules rather than mode.