Delay failed .. not sure why

delay working now.. not sure what was wrong

Glad it's working now, though can't say why it wouldn't have before. Enabling event and action logging for the Rule, none of which I see above, would probably be the most helpful for troubleshooting should it happen again in the future.

I believe it is interaction .

Ie rule fires at 10 pm . Car comes home before the delay expires. It gets cancelled proceeds on and sees car is home but not plugged in just as i'm pulling in garage and alerts me.

Does anyobe know how to modify it to avoid this case or should i just break it into 2 independent rules?


Even.2 separate rules as written wint solve it as car could still come home at precise time delay is expiring. Woukd have t out delay only in ardival rule and have time based rule just drlay long enough to wake up and refresh car. Still could have race condition but the chances are less.

While your delay is cancelable, there is nothing in this rule to actually cancel the delay.