Delay automations via buttons, sensors?

I would like to discuss stop/delaying motion lighting with functions or features off other devices. For instance when our master bedroom fan is on at night the lights don’t turn on with motion, they even shut down when we turn the fan on. This is all controlled by power meter switch.

I seen someone posted bed pressure pads for presence. I found a different pressure pad I would like to share and see If anyone has tried this. It is a car seat pressure sensor for seat belt reminder.

Yes, motion lighting can be configured not to turn on lights based on the status of other devices.

IIRC, you can use a switch, contact sensor, button or lux sensor.

For pressure mats like the one you pictured, the easiest method is usually to connect a contact sensor that has terminals for an external input. There are a few models out there, for some reason all the ones I’ve seen are all z-wave.

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