Delay Action Question - Will this work?

Hello, just need a second set of eyes on this very simple Rule.

IF (Front Door, Vestibule Door any open(F) AND
Time between Sunset-30 minutes and Sunrise+30 minutes(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Dim: Vestiubule Chandelier : 100
Cancel Delayed Actions
ELSE-IF (Front Door, Vestibule Door all closed(T) [TRUE]) THEN
Delay 0:05:00 (cancelable)
Dim: Vestiubule Chandelier : 0

Will the Cancel Delay work even though it is above in the rule? The idea is that every time one of the contacts is changed, the rule will run and I'm hoping that this order will still work.


As long as the trigger condition is any changed, looks like it should work. Better to just use switch ON, and switch OFF. Some lights don’t support 0 as a value.

Any time a door is opened, the 5min timer will start over when they’re closed again due to the cancel delayed actions, as long as you’re also within the restricted period too.

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Thank you.

For the On/Off vs 0 Value, I find that with Caseta, specifying percentages works better than On/Off in most cases. Maybe it's just a Caseta thing, but when I was using On/Off before, I was getting unexpected results.


Should work but I prefer to put the Cancel Delayed Actions as the first action. This prevents the highly unlikely but theoretically possible condition where a scheduled delay could execute between the Dim:100 and Cancel Delayed Actions and turn the light off.


I was about to post what @pseudonym said. However, I'd also add the addendum that for me at least putting the canceled delayed actions at the top of the rule just makes it easier to troubleshoot when things aren't behaving as they should.



Thanks for the advice everyone. I've put the Cancel Delay command at the beginning and everything is working quite well.

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