Delay Action/ Cancel

Good afternoon.

I have looked but haven't found quite what i am looking for. I am trying to run an action that will happen only if another action hasn't happened in a desired about of time.

"If garage door is open in the past 20min do not allow door to open if presented sensor becomes present. "

I would use a Private Boolean.


Thank you. I tried what you have made for me with a light as a test so I don't keep opening my gauge door.

I may have not explained it correctly.

So like this rule,

If back door has been open in the pass 20 sec do not turn the light on. But if hasn't been open in the past 20 sec turn light on.

For testing purposes, you could add an Off: test 22 with a delay of 2 seconds.
That would make it easier to test if the light goes on if you open the door within 20 seconds.

For the rest, the rule should work. If you open the door, the light will go on. If you close the door and open it again (within 20 sec of the first opening) the light will stay off.