Dehumidifier (ducted) controller that works with HE

Does anyone make a dehumidifier controller that can be integrated into Hubitat?

This is NOT for a mobile dehumid but rather a ducted whole house dehumid like the Santa Fe units. They sell this dumb controller: Ultra Aire Dehumidifier & Ventilation System Controller | Accessories

Currently, the dehumidifier is controlled via a smart plug that goes on when humidity reaches x, and goes off once humidity reaches x-4%. Humidity is measured by some remote sensors that tell the plug to turn on. The physical controls on the unit are set to always run, so that it will always run if the plug is turned on. This system works great, but I have two concerns:

  1. it may not be good for the unit to experience these hard on/off cycles controlled only by power instead of by controls.
  2. the dehumidification system is integral to keeping the house healthy; having this solely controlled via a smart system means it won't work if I get hit by a bus and the next owner does not understand the smart system.

Thus, for the long term, I want to install a controller that will work in both dumb and smart modes. Smart so I can set it to go on based on humidity readings of remote devices. Dumb so that if all the smarts get removed, it will still go on when the sensor reads humidity at x.

ETA: Mine is a fairly simple standalone system. The fan in the dehumid only needs to run when dehumid is called for, and there are no dampers/vents to control. It does not even need to look nice - the dehumid is in the crawl space, and I don't mind connecting a wired controller (that can communicate with HE) to the dehumid and installing the controller near the crawl space entrance. I suspect it could be controlled with any 24v dehumid controller - just need to find a zwave (preferred) or zigbee enabled one...

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