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I had an idea for a feature to add to the mobile app. I run Android personally.

I was hoping when you launch the app and the dashboard page opens we could set a default dashboard to come up every time the app is launched. Would be nice to have a setting in the settings page to choose which dashboard page is desired to be the default. It would default to this page, even if a previous dashboard was left open upon closing the app.

I have a homescreen dashboard with some dynamic info at the top, and links to all my other dashboard pages. I like when that one is the first one to come up, as I can quickly see the info, and then choose which dashboard I want to go to from there.


This can be done easily outside app if using Android & Chrome. Open the dashboard's URL then click 3 dots at top right of screen to get this menu:

Then select Add to Home screen and it will create a shortcut to the dashboard. I have my 4-5 most used dashboards setup like this. I think this option exists for other browsers but don't know about iOS.


I do this as well. Works like a charm. I also have one for the hub's management interface. This allows me to get to the management interface with 1 tap vs. the 4 taps required if you use the app. (MUCH FASTER)

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I knew this was an option. I have a shortcut to my dashboards on my HTPC in my living room so I can easily adjust lights, etc. I was just hoping for an integrated solution in the app as well.

Well I'm dumb, the solution already exists in the app. Not sure this was the intended use of the feature, but it works perfectly. Posting the solution here so others know about it.

In the settings menu, there is an option to enable a custom dashboard via URL. If you enter the URL of the cloud link to the dashboard you want as the default one, it will default to that dashboard upon app launch.

This is what the setting looks like in the mobile app.

In a web browser if you go under apps and click on the dashboard you want, there is links for local and cloud access to the dashboard. For this example, you will want legacy, as it allows the link to access the other dashboards as well. I used the Cloud link, since it is a mobile device. Just click on the link, copy it, and paste it into the URL box in the mobile app.

Now, no matter what dashboard I was on when I closed the app, once I reopen it the default one pops up.


It would still be a nice improvement to be able to select a dashboard from a list, rather than jumping back and forth to find the cloud URL...imho

100% agree. Honestly, I assume this is intended for another purpose. Maybe actiontiles, or other DIY style dashboards, rather than the built in one. But given the need for an extra click, and waiting for another page to load, its a nice addition.

The only downside is I always have to use the cloud dashboard, as the app has no way of knowing whether I am local or cloud, and adjusting accordingly. This would probably be the best improvement I would see if they made this a standard feature. But, in the meantime this works really well.

I also realised you can't link between different dashboards when this default is set as you can only see a single dashboard, hence it's sadly not a suitable workaround for me.
Thanks though! So many dashboards to check and no clear comparison between them all!

Make sure you use the legacy URL Link and you can view multiple dashboards.

The regular link will limit viewing to only one dashboard, I assume for security purposes.

I have 1 dashboard with links to all my other ones, and it allows me to browse to all the other ones from it

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Ah yes I must have pasted something in incorrectly, as it does work now. Only problem now is it doesn't switch from Lan to cloud dashboard, which means that while I'm at home it is a bit laggy and doesn't show my CCTV cameras.

Yeah this is the only downside of this method. That's why I was hoping they would support this feature more natively, with the option for automatic cloud/local switching.

I don't have camera feeds, so its not a big deal for me to use the cloud view, personally.

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