Decent zigbee dimmers and switches

Are there any? Everything I see that is decent costs over $100 per switch.

Leaning towards Caseta, but wanted to check first. I'm done with Z-wave junk.

Never used them but there's the GE Zigbee Smart Switch and Dimmer...

I have had horrible luck with the GE dimmers and switches. Buzzing on some, and like 90% failure rate after a couple of years, in two different houses.

I will never buy that crap again.

Your bad experiences with Jasco/GE/Honeywell don't seem to be the norm. Many people in HA forums recommend them highly. I have had about 30 of them for almost two years and never have had a failure.

What specific model do you find problematic?

I have over 120 GE switches and dimmers and service between two houses right now. I've had one fail in the last 5 years. No buzzing on any dimmer.

Just another data point.

I don't remember the model numbers. I have another post on here somewhere that might have the model numbers in it. There are a lot of good reviews for the jasco stuff, but plenty of negative ones as well.

In any case, I am not using that brand again. Are there any other decent zigbee dimmers out there? I think the centralite one is like $120.

None I know of.

I was like you and ended up with Lutron. I do not regret it..only the price. However they are fast, work well, dim well. I was frustrated with the speed of zwave. I use mostly zigbee motion sensors and lutron lights now.

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Lol. I guess you either go...

The ugly (yes, that is subjective - it's my opinion), expensive, more reliable, faster, and needs own hub route (Lutron).

Or the slower, somewhat less reliable, widely available, many manufacturer, no additional hub route (zwave plus).

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Amazing how we can't have both right? :slight_smile:

And how about building in those darn motion sensors while we are at it!!

I will say this...I'm preferring this route. Switching systems becomes MUCH easier than running around and re-pairing dozens of items. When I broke HE into two hubs....moving my Lutron switches to the control hub was a 5 min affair(if that). In fact...if I could buy a "Zwave only HUB" connect all my zwave devices to it and just use a network integrations with HE...I would have done it from the start. I'm kind of doing that with one of my HE hubs now. But realistically...a dedicated zwave hub that has the ability to update firmware on a variety of zwave devices and that could be integrated via network (like lutron) would be a great product I'd probably buy. Would have DEFINITELY bought prior to my ST to HE switch.

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YES! What he said. :slight_smile:

(and I secretly don't really dislike the Lutron - they are really good items. Just not for me, and more hubs is a bummer).

You must mean the Caseta switches?


The RA2 offers more options and "normal" switches... but also more expensive....

:point_up: this exactly

I ripped out all of my GE Z-Wave (not Z-Wave Plus) switches and dimmers and went with Lutron. I originally bought the Lutron SmartBridge Pro just to use Pico Remotes. I liked the system so much that I replaced almost every wall switch in my house with Lutron Caseta.

I agree with @JasonJoel's opinion on aesthetics... However, since my wife hasn't complained, it's all good... :wink:

I am amazed out how fast and reliable the Lutron gear is. It also provides additional integration options if desired, like Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, etc... I find it somewhat comforting that even if my Hubitat Elevation hub was to ever go down, I would still have full control of my lighting system through alternative integrations. Also, if my Hubitat hub were to die completely and need to be replaced, the Lutron Integrator makes it trivial to add all of these switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and pico remotes to a new hub (or even a second hub!)


LOL, this was how it went down in my house too. Caseta was one of the few options I have since I have no neutrals, so I can deal with the aesthetics and my wife doesn’t seem to care.

@signal15 this is probably more than you’re looking to spend, but Leviton makes a zigbee rocker switch. Comes in two versions, link below doesn’t require neutral, can’t seem to find the version that does require neutral, but the model # for that one is ZSS10-N0Z.

Leviton ZSS10-G0Z Lumina RF 2.4GHz Decora Rocker Switch, 120-277VAC, 50/60Hz, White/Light Almond/Ivory [LEV-ZSS10-G0Z] : Switches - $82.08 EMI Supply, Inc

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I have neutrals everywhere, so that's not an issue. I had originally ruled out Caseta because I WANT a neutral to avoid buzzing or LED compatibility issues. Turns out that they make a dimmer that does have a neutral on it. It's more expensive though, and when I think about it it makes me even consider RA2 instead.

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The Leviton Zigbee dimmers and switches (that require a ground, also they don't mention Zigbee but are labeled Lumina RF) are on the US Amazon site. I have two dimmers and one switch, so far so good. The dimmer is configurable for different bulb types and the minimum dimmer level. Also the dimmer has LED indicators to indicate the dim level. They don't feel as nice as the Jasco made switches but that does not affect the operation.

These seem to work ok for me...

I wonder if you are having problems simply because you are using non dimmable LED lights. The non dimmable ones buzz like crazy and malfunction on a dimmer.