Debug lights turning right back on

What could be the possible culprit behind a Hue Bulb immediately turning back on by itself after being turned off? The below events happened after my goodnight routine was supposed to turn off all the lights. But this kept turning back on, even after i manually turned it off with a button press. This isn't the only light this has happened to. How do I go about debugging this? The logs don't seem to show me anything...

Is there any other rule that could be doing this that you have forgotten about?
Go to the device in the UI.
Scroll down and look at 'In Use By'.
Is there anything else in there for controlling the light.

Just vacation lighting director, HSM, and two RM rules. But I've double checked their settings, and they should not be triggering this. I set up additional logging on those rules now, so i guess maybe that will help debug. But I'm at a loss still as to what could be causing this.

Hi @JustinL,
I'm new to HE and am experiencing the same behavior. I have a rule that dims my hue lights when mode becomes 'night' and then a few hours later another rule that turns them off completely. The rules work, but at soon as the bulbs turn off they turn right back on. I tried turning them off within the hue app and manually within HE on the device and every time, they come right back on. Were you able to troubleshoot anything that you could share?

Interestingly enough, after troubleshooting through everything I could think of and sifting through logs I decided to reboot my hub. Once the hub booted back up I turned off the bulbs in question and this time they stayed off. At this point my only hypothesis is that the rule I have set to run "when mode becomes night" that does a series of events including turning off bulbs and then fading certain ones gets stuck in some sort of state where it won't allow any other action against those bulbs. It's the bulbs I use the fade on that create the issue. I'm going to blow away that rule and start from scratch, using some different actions to see if the problem comes back. Like I said, I'm new at all of this so it could be me not necessarily understanding the different actions that can/should be done on hue bulbs. :slight_smile:

I am quite new in home automation and HE.
I started with couple of Tuya bulbs, extended to some Sonoff Zigbee sensors and started to play with them.
First I started in eWelink (motion sensors and bulbs). I know how the turn ON a bulb, when motion is triggered by a sensor, I know how to turn it OFF when no motion detected, I know how to delay the turning OFF, but I got into some strange behavior of the bulbs and I figured out that "motion detection" trigger is something, while "motion detected" status is something else and I don't now how the eWelink app is working with them.

I set up an Home Assistant to access the cloud bulbs from HE and I am ready to make automations/rules.

Anyway, I hoped that in HE it will be much easy to make a rule for turning on and off. First attempt proved me that I am wrong. Does not work as I want to.
The idea is to turn ON the light, when motion is detected and keep it so, even if a "no motion" trigger appears. For this, I install a delay and make another check after the time is up, and only if the sensors is in "no motion" state to turn it of. This is how I see the logic.

Could someone be so kind to share with me a routine for such a simple application?
Thank you.