Debug Assistance - Missed Action

I have been noticing an occasional missed action. I have a webcore piston that turns on outside lights if anyone comes home. It's three switches (also all in the same three gang wall electrical box)

Tonight, one of the three lights did not come on.


Presence Tracker Log Entry:
|presence|present||M's L360 has arrived|DEVICE||2018-11-16 08:42:40.381 PM EST|

Light that worked log:
switch|on||P Driveway Flood was turned on [digital]|DEVICE|digital|2018-11-16 08:42:41.140 PM EST

Naturally there is no log from the other device.

Any ideas?

Can you switch the device in HE? What does the webCoRE logs say? Have you made sure those devices are authorized in the webCoRE app in HE?

Hi Ryan, thanks for reviewing. Collecting this data for future it worked (just moments ago). This covers some of your questions, such as confirming that the switch is authorized in webcore. Also there is this:


Yesterday's miss was on the P Front Door Device, that's switch 43 in the piston.

I had no logging enabled on this piston (logs are very expensive on webcore resources), but did turn on minimal logging last night after the failure, so I will supply those next time it fails. I am getting about 50% compliance, so it will fail again.