"Debounce a Contact Sensor" in RM

Were on about the contact sensor issue in this particular thread, if I start dealing with another issue at the same time, ill never keep them straight...
I'm already getting them confused

I'm using the Generic Zwave contact sensor in firmware, and I don't see any "Suppress duplicate contact events" option. I WAS having duplicate events in 2.1.4, but @mike.maxwell and @bravenel modified the Generic Zwave drivers for 2.1.5 and my problems went away. But it seems weird to me we are running the same driver and have different options available. You are running 2.1.5, right?

I'm on ver

Here's a screenshot of the device page showing the "Suppress":

Mike, after failing repeatedly yesterday, the errant driveway contact sensor did NOT chatter this morning. I did test it with suppression on, but only once. I also increased the delay time in my RM 2.5. Here's the live log of it working properly. If it fails again, I'll see if I can catch it in the logs.

That is so weird. Maybe it is because we have different sensors, but I'm surprised the device pages are so different with the same firmware and driver. Mine looks like this:

He has the Ecolink which is notorious for multiple event reporting. That's why the option to suppress those messages shows up for him and not you. You aren't using an Ecolink device, are you?

No, mine are old Aeon sensors. They were constantly double reporting before the driver was fixed in 2.1.5. My Ecolink motion sensors also, and also fixed (but that is a different thread). I was just surprised that the driver exposed different options based on the detected hardware. That is more sophistication that I expected from a "generic" driver.

We get tricky from time to time, generic doesnt mean lame...