"Debounce a Contact Sensor" in RM

Wow. Never seen that one.

Your item 3 is the exact problem that I was having with my Zooz switch which I eventually tracked down to the multiple and concurent RM running. I was getting a turn on command to my Zooz switch about 5 ms apart. It was causing lots of issues. Thus my reason for starting this thread.
I did not have the problem with either a GE or Leviton switch.

As soon as I replaced the driver for my Ecolink Contact Sensor from Generic to the Fibaro driver the problem went away. Everything fires just once for one opening of the door. So, if it works for the Fibaro driver and not the Generic Zwave Contact sensor driver, what is the difference?

@bravenel This was the same issue that I was having when I started the thread. When I replaced the Generic Zwave Contact Sensor driver with the Fibaro driver, the problem went away. No more multiple instances of open in short succession. So, it does appear to be a problem in the driver.

Also hike20 posted a screen shot a few days ago. It shows that there is an option in the Generic Contact sensor driver to suppress multiple contacts. No one else has mentioned this. Is this option doing the debounce already?

@lightingdan My driver page for generic zwave contact sensors does not have that option under preferences. I also don't have a "tamper" line under Current States. I'm running, which is the latest. I just tried changing to a different driver, then back again and those didn't suddenly appear. That's weird, because it sounds like that "suppress" option is exactly what we'd need. (Though I still think perhaps with a user settable time window. I've been using 100ms, but maybe could get away with 50ms?) And as mentioned previously, I'm having the same issue with my Ecolink motion sensors.

I saw your earlier post about trying the Fibaro driver and tried it, and it didn't work at all for me. My contact sensors are rather old Aeon models I got several years ago when I was first setting my my homeseer system at my previous house. With the Fibaro driver they didn't report anything at all.

The debounce contact/motion app that @bravenel wrote is working fine for me for now. Hopefully that can be done away with at some point just to clean up my device list and reduce overall complexity.

OK, need your help to sort this out on the driver side.
So just to clarify, you have a specific motion sensor doing this as well as a specific contact sensor correct?, and both of these are using the inbuilt Generic Z-Wave drivers correct?

What I need you to do for each one of these is the following:
enable debug logging in the driver, open a live logging window, then trigger the sensor, post a screen shot of the live logs as well as a screen shot of the data section of the driver details.
Post the contact sensor and motion sensor screen shots separately so we're not getting them confused.

Here is the contact sensor data:

And the contact sensor log data:

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Here is the motion sensor data:

And activity log:

I have an identical motion sensor attached to my second hub. The device details are slightly different:

I was just about to tell you that it was behaving fine with no double reports, but then it went inactive and I got this:

Let me know if I can send anything else that would be helpful.

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And yes, I do have both motion sensors and contact sensors with this issue. I have a different model motion sensor that I'd not noticed this with, but now that I look at it's event page under the device, it is also occasionally emitting duplicate activity reports. All these are using the Generic Zwave drivers. I've turned on debugging for the other motion sensor, and if I can log a duplicate event I'll post that info also.

patches for both of these will be out in platform release 2.1.5


Thanks Bruce for the denounce app. It has fixed my app issues in Rule 4. I can probably even remove the global variable I set up in a failed attempt to fix this

The two drivers that produced double events have been fixed in 2.1.5. You should not need the debounce app any longer.

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I'm using Xiaomi. This app is wonderful. Since this solved a few of my problems, I actually went looking for other staff apps, but already use the average app. That was the only one I could find.

I recently began having this bounce issue with my GoControl Z-Wave Contact Sensor using the generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor driver. I'm running version: I don't recall having this issue until about a week ago or two - possibly after upgrading to 2.1.5.x.

I recently began having this bounce issue - possibly after upgrading to 2.1.5.x.

Reporting in: I just had it happen this afternoon with an Ecolink sensor w/ Generic driver running on RM 2.5. My device page does have the 'Suppress duplicate contact event' but that didn't stop the chatter.

Can those of you having double contact issues running platform 2.1.5 post a screen shot of the data section of the driver?, thanks.

What driver are you using? With that contact sensor?


driver: Generic z-wave contact sensor

"Suppress duplicate contact events?" set on

Can you post a screen shot of the live logs with debug logging enabled so I can see a contact event?