Debate about Hubitat's Approach to Ring



  • LightPort: Ran project office and product management.
    We built first large scale distributed investment reporting platform providing client account access online before the “Cloud”. Our system was used by Goldman Sachs, Baron Funds, and many more. Company was purchased and is now called InvestCloud.
    Have been brought in on product development on multiple platforms in financial services. Widespread adoption of these platforms occurred as we implemented integrations with the most widely used, and liked complimentary systems in the field. Platforms include:
  • Advisor360
  • Redtail Technology
  • InterGen Data: Winner of multiple best new technology awards. Continuing work on product management and new market analysis and selection.
  • Consulted on design of Back Office and branch systems for 1st Global Capital Corp/1st Global Advisors
  • Consulted on new platform and product development for multiple initiatives at Cambridge Investment Research.

And I never said that they weren’t already successful and I never implied that they needed me or could not succeed without me. Your assumptions or statements about me seem to be emotionally defensive responses to ideas that you may not agree with.
What else would you like to know?


All of these are 100% local, no cloud involved...


I will add that the quickest way to go from

[quote="DadzBoyz, post:19, topic:20656"]
“rapidly expanding platform...”
[/quote] to the next Lowes Iris is to lose focus. Spreading yourself too thin, trying to support too much, has killed more projects that should have been successful.
@hubitat keep up the slow steady focused work.


Here's my 2 cents. Reject them both if you like. This entire thread, while mildly entertaining, is moot.

Hubitat does not discuss their road map. They've repeatedly stated that. For all any of us know, they could be working with Amazon on this right now. None of us that are not employed by the company are going to know one way or another about any upcoming feature or integration unless they decide to give a spoiler, or until it goes to the beta testing group.


I would like to put in my opinion on this matter (even though Hubitat management will ultimately decide based on other criteria).
Disclaimer: I do not have any Ring products at this present time.
Further disclaimer: I have not investigated how easy/difficult it would be to interface with Ring.

One thing that @DadzBoyz mentioned that is worth repeating is the tremendous market success Ring has had. Estimates vary, but Ring was bought for $1B in 2017, and at that time had over 140,000 installations! That's a HUGE market presence in the Home Automation field. Regardless of how difficult it is to develop an integration with Ring, it just makes sense from a marketing point of view.

I'm sure that we all want Hubitat to succeed and prosper - a key is to ensure that the product works with as many "big players" in the Home Automation arena, as possible. There is no doubt that Ring is a "big player" - and it's market clout got increased with it's acquisition by Amazon!

Certainly the timing and nature of the integration with Ring is a priorities decision, but in my humble opinion, Hubitat management should not ignore this "elephant in the room".